STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 5

Family Business


Family Business

The Imperial controlled world of Haenat is in lockdown after the crew of the Star Wanderer performed a daring heist to steal a cargo of the dangerous, and highly restricted, drug known as RYL-X.

Fleeing into the factory district, the crew are discovered and attacked by vicious mercenaries from the BLACK SUN crime syndicate, led by the notorious bounty hunter, known only as RED-EYE.

With the Haenat system blockaded, Zax Wettega severely injured, and little hope of rescue, the crew are forced further underground. Fortunately there is hope, as Twi’lek mechanic L’ZADARMA D’BRO will soon learn, for there is nothing is stronger than the bond of family – or so she hopes....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: L’zadarma D’bro (Family)
DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 1



  • The PCs find another abandoned building in which to re-group. This time they locate an old underground storage facility, with a working computer terminal.


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SEASON 2 - Episode 5

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