STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 3

The Hovertrain Heist (Part II)


The Hovertrain Heist (Part II)

The crew of the Star Wanderer, with the assistance of ADRIANA WREN, have travelled to the world of Haenat to meet a contact selling information about a rare illegal commodity.

After being recognised by local security at the main starport, the crew narrowly escape capture and make their way to the rendezvous point, only to witness their contact murdered by a BLACK SUN assassin.

The operative is quickly eliminated, and the crew locate a data-chip with details of a shipment of the new drug RYL-X aboard a hovertrain protected by the Empire. Now the crew must plan a daring heist to steal the shipment, else return to their employer, TRESKA THE HUTT, empty handed....

DESTINY POOL: Light 8 / Dark 1



I really wish the Empire would go for a clear glass faceplate on the helmets they issue to their troopers. I would have loved to have seen the look on that Dark Trooper’s face when I leaped from the back of the speeding hovertrain, crash tackled him in mid air, detached his jet pack and then got back on board the hovertrain while he plumeted to his doom. Rude of him not to wave on his way down, he had the time.

I mean he was all over us like a Hutt at a smorgasbord. He put Kyanite down with some souped up blaster cannon, he survived Zax parking the speeder taxi in his face (we thought we’d lost him when that happened but that armour is tough and the jet pack let him catch us back up) and was busy lobbing missiles in our direction and causing all sorts of problems. L’zadarma patched Kyanite back up and he took care of the missile launcher but I figured we were a gonna if he used his hand cannon and who knows what other weapons he had hence the leap.

We managed to get the stuff for Treska and hopefully by telling those security flunkies it was the Red Vigo going after the shipment it will get the Empire looking in the wrong direction.

I wonder if we’ll actually get paid this time?

SEASON 2 - Episode 3

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