STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 2

The Hovertrain Heist (Part I)


The Hovertrain Heist (Part I)

The Dominus Sector underworld is thriving with the discovery of a new drug codenamed RYL-X, a substance twice as addictive and deadly as the highly illegal spice known as glitterstim.

The formula for the drug is a well-kept secret and strictly controlled by the GALACTIC EMPIRE, however corrupt officials have leaked the whereabouts of several shipments of the drug in the hopes of making their own fortune on the black market.

TRESKA THE HUTT has learned that someone is selling information about one of the shipments, and has subsequently employed the crew of the Star Wanderer to broker a deal with the seller, and potentially bring her the shipment....

DESTINY POOL: Light 6 / Dark 2



Well I did not expect to run into the crew here on Haenat. We checked into Lekaz for a bit of RnR and I thought I’d take the time to catch up with a “friend” who was feeling lonely. I guess I may have turned the comlink off but that’s what you do when you are taking a break.

My “friend” wanted to go shopping on Haenat so we took her luxury yacht for a cruise and as we were lining up in customs up pops Kyanite asking if he can stash a bag in my “friend’s” luggage. Given the size of it I guessed they were weapons.

Well we got to the front of the queue and hilarity ensued. Just as Kyanite was walking past the counter his picture popped up on the wall mounted holo screens along with his bounty…..and a list of his infractions. Well didn’t that set the Gundark amongst the Ewoks!

Blasters drawn, baggage smashed, the fire extinguishers went off, Kyanite running through the crowds waving a dirty big axe! L’zadarma swinging a stolen hover taxi through the panicking crowds to rescue Kyanite only to send him flying when she opened the door to let him in just as he tried to jump through the window! And El-Isara reaching out with her hand and dragging Kyanite into the car with her totally freakin’ awesome Jedi powers!!!!

Arcz Blakeney

SEASON 2 - Episode 2

My head was spinning a bit today – not the least of which was because I kept trying to avert my gaze from wanted posters of myself that I kept seeing flash up on monitors around the port – and then did a rubberneck when I saw Arcz who I had assumed was perhaps enjoying himself a little too much somewhere else (anywhere but here!). Then Kyanite’s picture flashed up and let’s face it – he’s not exactly subtle being 7 feet tall and all…

Unfortunately, Kyanite managed to be spotted by the guards and all hell broke loose….

I love L’zadarma, but she could use some driving lessons, although all worked out in the end….

Zax managed to commandeer (with my help) the use of a taxi(s) – I am sure we will return them, when we are finished with them – and I am sure the taxi driver didn’t mind that we ‘borrowed’ his taxi for an indefinite period of time – it was too dangerous there anyway…..the greater good and all….

I am sure things will go more smoothly in future…..


SEASON 2 - Episode 2

Wow what a mess getting spotted by space port authorities, everything going nuts, when we got outside I grabbed an abandoned taxi and drove back into the space port for Kyantie. Awesome driving skills (I’ve only driven a few times), I slid the taxi sideways through the crowd to grab Kyantie but he jumped up and back as I got close with the taxi so I opened the door, breaked hard and excelerated at the same time and he came flying right inside. Had a little trouble controlling it on the way out. Then of to find the rest of the crew

SEASON 2 - Episode 2

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