STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 8

Low Tidings


Low Tidings

The Star Wanderer and its crew have arrived at the Hutt controlled crime world Qi’Ibre. With a Star Destroyer in orbit, the crew quietly made their way to the rendezvous point to deliver their precious Krayt Dragon cargo.

Unfortunately their destination, the palace of SINASU THE HUTT, is found destroyed and the crew’s contact missing. With little information to go on, the crew search the city for clues, but even with knowledge of several safe-houses, find no trace of the Hutt.

Troubled, the crew head back to the ship only to be ambushed by mercenaries tracking them since their arrival. After quickly eliminating the threat, the crew return to the main starport to formulate their next move....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Arcz Blakeney (Philanderer)
DESTINY POOL: Light 0 / Dark 6




You try and be heroic and dashing to impress a lady and what does she do? Faints. And then gets carried away by her Wookiee bodyguards. Still I’d rather she was safely away instead of watching me take on a Black Sun hit squad. I would have been distraught if she had come to harm. Hm, maybe I should send her some flowers and a note apologising for the mess. I just hope her father doesn’t see it. For some reason he has a very low opinion of me. Maybe it was because his daughter’s engagement fell through after she met me? Mind you I did him a favour there. That moron he’d set her up with was an embarrassment waiting to happen.

I kind of got the impression that the Black Sun were after me and my friends for some reason. Surely after what we’ve done to them they’d get a clue and leave us alone but I guess they have a reputation to maintain. I wonder what they’ll try next?

SEASON 1 - Episode 8

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