STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 7

Trouble at Greentop


Trouble at Greentop

Hostilities between the underworld factions have temporarily ceased. The recent visit by Imperial officials has quelled the violence and despite her reluctance, TRESKA THE HUTT has agreed to meet with Black Sun in order to settle the dispute.

Meanwhile, the actions of El-Isara Vesri have drawn the attention of a mysterious foe. The Dark Master, sworn to protect a long forgotten secret, has dispatched his apprentice to locate the Padawan and the artifact she now possesses.

Elsewhere, the crew of the Star Wanderer have escaped Solay under a hail of Imperial gunfire, bound for the Qi’Ibre system, to deliver a dangerous cargo of Krayt Dragons to SINASU THE HUTT, and a captured Imperial Shuttle to their employer....

DESTINY POOL: Light 1 / Dark 5




So the person we have to deliver our crate of Krayts to has disappeared after a Black Sun hit squad paid a visit. Now we are searching for Sinasu the Hutt to make sure he is okay and to let him know he has a Black Sun traitor in his retinue.

Shouldn’t take long to track down a Hutt you’d think but when we stumbled across that Toydarian and his scrap yard L’zadarma and Zax got so excited it was almost impossible to get them out of there. It’s just a pile of old junk, nothing to get so excited over!

Black Sun must have worked out that we had some connection to the Hutts because they attempted to take us down in the street. Kyanite absolutely shredded them with that hand cannon of his. Maybe they should have tried to talk first and then shoot later? Not that that would have led to a different result. Kyanite would have still shredded them!

SEASON 1 - Episode 7

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