STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 5

Oath of Obedience


Oath of Obedience

The crew of the Star Wanderer have travelled to the desert world of Solay with the hope of recovering a stash of credits hidden by El-Isara’s former companion Nexus Tyrell. Upon arrival at their destination however, agents of the GALACTIC EMPIRE were waiting for them in ambush.

After thwarting the attack the crew learned that Droma Kruge, another former Clone Trooper, who had been hiding the contingency funds for Nexus, had been taken by Imperial Agents and hidden elsewhere on the planet.

Now lost in the urban jungle of Solay, the crew has found their way to a security station in the hope of tracking down the whereabouts of Droma Kruge in order to rescue him and continue with the mission they were employed to perform....

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 2


PAN DOWN: A blue coloured world, an Imperial Strike Cruiser comes into shot, clearly orbiting the planet.

CUT TO: Interior of Strike Cruiser. An Imperial Captain surveys a data report, a young ensign standing at attention by his side. A communications officer rushes up to the Captain brandishing a datapad.

Comms Officer: Captain Lingsten. An urgent communicae from Solay Sir. The message was somewhat distorted, but it says ‘Its here’."

The officer hands the pad to the Captain. The Captain’s eyes open wide, and a smile crosses his face.

Captain Lingsten: “It was only a matter of time before it showed up. Do we have any troopers in the area?”
Comms Officer: “There is a specialist squad in the area sir from Operation Dawn Trill. They are there for an extraction of one of the missing subjects.”
Captain Lingsten: “I’m sure the Commander won’t mind if we ask them to pull double duty on this. Having it out there doing who knows what is problematic at best. Send a message Lieutenant. Priority 1.”
Comms Officer: “Shall we inform the Doctor as well Sir?”
Captain Lingsten: “Let’s wait shall we? Until we have it in our possession at least. No need to be having any more conversations with the good Doctor today. One per week is normally quite enough.”
Comms Officer: “Yes Sir”.

CUT TO: Alleyway in Solay, with line of sight to a Security Station.

  • The crew notice that there are five police speeder bikes, 2 patrols vehicles and a prison transport vehicle at the front of the security station. They also notice that there is a data terminal out the front.
  • L’zadarma decides that she can get to the terminal and hack into the system and find exactly where Droma Kruge is. They quickly find a small department store and purchase a set of older women’s clothes and a hooded cloak.
  • L’zadarma then pretends to be an old woman attempting to use the terminal. She seems to go unnoticed, and is able to hack into the system unnoticed.
  • L’zadarma finds the location they were looking for namely a private Imperial loading bay at the main spaceport. She also finds that the building they had passed earlier that had been bombed was actually the site of a secret ISB Office. She also manages to find a clear path to the loading bay as she successfully downloaded the patrol frequencies so that she could track the patrols vehicles real time.
  • The crew avoid the patrols and find their way to the loading bay.
  • At the loading bay, they find a lack of patrols, but a very secure blast door preventing entry.
  • L’zadarma and Zax made their way across to the blast door, not realising initially that they had exposed themselves to a security camera in the process. KYN-11T, somewhat dismayed at his “ward’s” lack of sensibility, followed, which exposed all three of them to camera.
  • L’zadarma immediately pulled open a control panel in order to gain access to the door. A quick check found that the door was clearly faulty, and required nothing more than disengaging of a power conduit. This gave her the opportunity to attempt to hack the camera network to erase their entry.
  • A short conversation occurred where they discussed who should go where, with all five almost deciding to go back through the main port entry.
  • Whilst KYN-11T and Zax pried open the blast doors, L’zadarma quickly adjusted the cameras to be on a loop, and successful wiped the footage for the past several minutes. As the doors creaked open, the five all decided that they were here and might as well go through. All five members of the crew slipped into the secured area.
  • Arcz, El-Isara and L’zadarma decided to go and follow the signal to where the horrendous point was, whilst KYN-11T and Zax returned to the ship.
  • Arcz, El-Isara and L’zadarma found their way through service corridors and ended up near the tarmac, specially near a small Imperial compound protected by local security. The compound contained a building with a single entry and what appeared to be a 10 foot fence surrounding. The familiar fin of an Imperial Lambda Shuttle could be seen sticking up from the middle of the compound, indicating an open air docking bay.
  • L’zadarma claimed to have a plan, and stipped down to her underwear, handing her belongings to El-Isara. L’zadarma then stumbled out of the access corridor in front of the security guards.


  • Meanwhile, KYN-11T and Zax arrive at the Star Wanderer to find the ship open. Whilst KYN-11T’s sensors went into overdrive, Zax carefully searched the ship. As they enter, they notice strange marks on the deck plating and the ramp itself. It is not long before they realise that the droid that they had brought aboard the ship had somehow reactivated, and dragged itself out of the ship, leaving behind half of its chassis, its armoured plating and its weapons.
  • Zax locked the ship, and activated the ships jamming beacon. Soon after, a group of storm commando entered the hanger bay.



Hydro Mops as a weapon, who would have thought! After seeing a very attractive and very undressed Twi’lek the last thing that guard would have expected was a cleaning implement to the face to send him into lala land. I do feel bad for that trainee in the guard hut. Hears a few strange sounds so sticks his head out to investigate, sees the Twi’lek and next thing he has me pointing a blaster in his face and asking him, very nicely, to let us in.

Smart lad did so. With decision making like that he has a Field Marshal’s baton in his knapsack.

I really want to get off this rock though. We infiltrate a secure Imperial facility, locate the captured clone, get into a fight and last thing I can remember is getting shot!

Don’t panic ladies it wasn’t in the face.

SEASON 1 - Episode 5

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