STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 4

Misplaced Deeds


Misplaced Deeds

The notorious organisation of BLACK SUN has made their first move against TRESKA THE HUTT. The first attempt failed thanks to the unforeseen resistance from the crime lord’s forces including the crew of the Star Wanderer and their two passengers.

News of the incident on Qi’Ibre has spread throughout the Dominus Sector’s crime cartels. Several candidates currently being considered for the position of BLACK SUN Vigo in this area of space must now ponder their next move whilst being careful not to instigate an underworld civil war.

Meanwhile, as the dust settles, the crew of the Star Wanderer have travelled to the war torn world of Solay in order to collect a special cargo for a long time associate of their employer....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 4


  • The heroes were ordered by Treska the Hutt to collect some merchandise from a Rodian Hunter named Jora who was stationed at a small out of the way locale called Vapor Station on the desert world of Solay.
  • El-Isara informed the crew of the Star Wanderer that her former companion had a small stash of 10,000 credits held by an associate who also lived on Solay. She identified the man as one Droma Kruge, a gun runner and former Clone Trooper.
  • El-Isara agreed to taking the crew of the Star Wanderer to collect the money so she could fulfill her debt to Zax, for rescuing her and Tyrell from Haenat.
  • The crew then travelled to the civil war ridden world of Solay, and decided to collect the credits first before travelling to Vapor Station.
  • The crew found that the starport, was heavily patrolled by security, with more focus placed on people leaving the planet than entering.
  • Knowing the legal restrictions of having an assassin droid in their possession, L’zadarma D’bro “dressed” KYN-11T for the occasion, spot welding various metal pieces, and applying some spray to make the droid look more like a loader droid. Her actions were quite successful, and annoyed KYN-11T to no end.
  • Everyone left their weapons behind, and they ventured into the city, getting instructions from El-Isara.
  • The crew travelled via public transport to the lower parts of the city to meet Droma Kruge at his home address. The crew did not contact him prior to their arrival.
  • Once in the lower areas, L’zadarma became aware of a blocked off area of the city which had suffered from what appeared to be a terrorist attack. Newscasts scrawled across transport monitors showing pictures of civil unrest, and fighting tin the street. The route that they took however appeared to be clear of such violence.
  • Upon arrival in the block where El-Isara incidcated was the home of Kruge, Zax felt that something was wrong. He observed that the streets in the area were quiet, and tried to warn KYN-11T that something was up. Moments later, as they entered the alleyway of the gun runner’s home, 6 elite black garbed troopers emerged from their hiding spots, and opened fire against the crew with weapons set to stun.
  • As Zax dove for cover KYN-11T, the troopers fired a second volley, one catching Zax in the leg, and another shooting at Arcz.
  • Arcz shrugged off the effects, and ran directly at the troopers at the end of the alley, using a low hanging fire-escape to spin round to collect the troopers at the side. The attack, although successful, provide less impact than the young Tapani had hoped.



I really wish those troopers weren’t wearing helmets. I would have loved to have seen the look on their faces as I Wookied through the balconies and ladders hanging over the alley and smashed into them. Mind you brawling isn’t really my thing but once I got that broken bit of pipe in my hand I proceeded to hand out a sound thrashing to them. Getting my hands on that bin lid was lucky after the last two charged me and tried to take me down! Two head ringers and it was over. I copped a fair bit of punishment because next thing I remember I’m coming around lying on the ground somewhere else.

I’m a bit fuzzy on some of the details but L’zadarma had hacked a trooper comlink so with a bit of smooth talk from yours truly I found out where they had taken El-Isara’s clone friend and we set out on a noble quest to rescue him so he could be with the woman he loved!

SEASON 1 - Episode 4

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