STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 3

Darkest Star


Darkest Star

Having recovered the rare artifact the GOLDEN ARCADIUM from the Voyadax Conglomerate, the crew of the Star Wanderer and their new passengers have escaped the might of the Empire and landed on Qi’Ibre.

With limited ways of paying their debt, El-Isara and her veteran clone companion have been left aboard the Star Wanderer whilst the ship’s captain, Zax Wattega seeks further information from his employer TRESKA THE HUTT.

Several star systems away, the exploits of the Star Wanderer’s crew has not gone unnoticed. Due to the recent attack on Imperial Forces, the Governor of Haenat has contacted his superiors on Dominus in order to seek their assistance....

DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 2


  • Zax and KYN-11T left the ship and went into Treska’s nightclub headquarters, high above the city in her kilometer high sky-needle. Whilst walking to the main entrance, Zax spotted a Firespray class starship with the markings of Black Sun. This put the young smuggler on edge, and he informed KYN-11T to watch their backs.
  • Upon entry to the club, Zax looked about for one of Treska’s lieutenants, and spotted the Hutt’s most trusted advisor, the white robed Cadence.
  • Zax advised her that he had a Jedi aboard and really didn’t know what to do about it given what he knew about the Jedi and the fall of the Republic. She seemed interested, but first tried to set the record straight. At the mention of the Jedi however, she seemed uncomfortable which let her guard down and her robes moved in such a way that Zax spotted what appeared to be a lightsaber. Zax, somewhat concerned, was spotted by Cadence to spot her weapon, and started giving Zax a dressing down.

  • Meanwhile at the ship, L’zadarma started work on repairs to the Star Wanderer_. Arcz kept the _Content Not Found: pc-nexus and El-Isara occupied and engaged them in small talk. Whilst waiting, Arcz took a look out the view-port and spotted what he believed to be the same Firespray class starship with red markings Zax had spotted on his way into Treska’s palace. Arcz also spotted a tall black droid, and a Gotal mercenary exiting the ship and meeting with several mercenary looking individuals, all of which appeared heavily armed.
  • It was soon after this, that whilst moving between the ship and the repair station, L’zadarma spotted the same thing Arcz had spotted moments earlier, and dropped what she was doing to board the ship.

  • Whilst dressing Zax down, Cadence stopped mid-sentence as though seeing something that was not there. A concerned look crossed her face, and she abruptly excused herself and left towards where Treska was enjoying the rhythm of the crowd.
  • At this point, blasters started firing – Black Sun had arrived to take possession of their former base.
  • Zax and KYN-11T missed the mercenrary’s entrance, but soon learned that all the exits were blocked. Whilst KYN-11T kept an eye on the crowd, Zax looked for an escape route, only to find one across the dancefloor, and potentially through the mercenaries.
  • Zax comlinked the ship, and instructed Arcz and L’zadarma to prep the ship for takeoff.



Some people you can reason with and some you can’t even when you threaten them with a Twi’lek in the dorsal turret of a starship. All that was left was a small smear of bantha poodoo.

Mind you the rest of the crew had a fun time getting involved in a shoot-out between some Black Sun hitmen and Treska the Hutt’s crew. Shame I had to miss out on that, it looked like fun!

Next time someone else can stay with the ship!

SEASON 1 - Episode 3

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