STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 2

Mixed Feelings


Mixed Feelings

The crew of the STAR WANDERER led by Captain Zax Wettega have arrived at the industrial world of Haenat. While there, crewman Arcz Blakeney organised a rendezvous with a potential client seeking passage off planet with no questions asked.

As the crew met with their new clients, Nexus Tyrell and his ward El-Isara Vesri, bounty hunters arrived to capture the veteran soldier. Their efforts were thwarted however, allowing the crew and their new business partners to escape.

Meanwhile, El-Isara has learned that an ancient artifact has resurfaced at the headquarters of the Voyadax Conglomerate. El-Isara has pleaded with the crew to assist her in recovering the item, to which they have reluctantly agreed....

DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 5


SCENE: Starfield
The expanse of space. The camera pans down to a reddish-orange planet. The space around the planet is busy, with starship traffic darting around the planet’s atmosphere and surface.

CUT TO: Haenat Starport
A wide shot of an expansive starport on the planet. All manner of ships dart in and around the starport, as the camera zooms down to a docking bay, a small YT-1000 resting within.

CUT TO: Interior of the YT-1000 “Star Wanderer”

  • Steal a black speeder which appeared to be a Government vehicle
  • Return Speeder truck
  • Travel to the Mining Guild Headquarters
  • Arcz does most of the talking and using the guise of an Imperial ISB Agent and his entourage of a Stormtrooper, and artifact specialist. Cons past main security officer at the front door and gains an escort to the holding facility
  • Gets past two sets of Stormtroopers to gain access to the research division level.
  • El’Esara uses mind trick to get past the stormtrooper, but may have been caught on holo-cam in the process.
  • Enters the research facility secure area and finds dozens of clones in stasis chambers being monitored by technicians
  • Led into cold room area when there are thousands of storage racks, all sealed. Led to the end by a single stormtrooper after ordered to do so by Arcz.
  • El’Isara was asked to explain the item to the stormtrooper, to which she attempted to conjure a story. The situation didn’t sound at all convincing, and confused the stormtroopers more than anything. The stormtrooper asked to see her credentials to which she attempted to again use the force to convince the stormtrooper he didn’t need to see that, but failed to touch the troopers mind. He then exclaimed that she was a Jedi, catching Arcz by surprise initially. Arcz however was quick to the mark, and killed the trooper.
  • Arcz ordered the evacuation of the facility stating that the item was about to explode.
  • The technicians secured the area and started to evacuate.
  • Meanwhile Arcz, Nexus and El’Isara enter a turbolift to go to the rooftop. En route, Arcz radioed Zax and informed him that “the jig was up” and to meet them on the roof.
  • Zax immediately contacted spaceport command and requested a flight-plan. One was provided quickly, and the Star Wanderer took off. Immediately, Zax broke the flightplan and made his way to towards the city, specifically the Voyadax Corporate Headquaters. Starport security kept attempting communication with the Wanderer, ordering it to return to flight-plan. Zax faked a communications breakdown only to be told that a diagnostic confirmed that was nothing wrong with the ship’s systems. Zax informed the others that there was going to be a problem, and accelerated towards the headquarters building.
    *As Arcz, El’Isara and Nexus arrived, they were confronted with 6 stormtroopers awaiting the arrival of something on a landing platform. El’Isara spotted the Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle and the two TIE escorts following behind, pointing it out to the others. Arcz radioed into Zax, informing them of what they could see, to which he confirmed what he could see.
  • Arcz continued in his ISB persona and ordered the troopers off the roof and to get to safety. One of the troopers asked what he was doing, to which Arcz replied that he would get to safety in the shuttle. The troopers all left , leaving the three alone on the roof to monitor the situation.
  • The Wanderer moved quickly towards the tower, at which point the TIEs maneuvered themselves towards the approaching freighter.
  • KYN-11T manned the guns and fired a volley at the shuttle. The shot hit, damaging the ship, but not before the TIEs could return fire. The Wanderer became heavily damaged, but managed to close the distance between it and TIEs, blowing one to dust. The remaining TIE was still in pursuit, but was soon dispatched by lzadarma, who had returned from her makeshift repairs, and into the second gunner’s chair. One of the TIE’s fins slammer into the shuttle, disabling its shields, and caused the ship to flee. Its parting gift was a volley of shots, however the Wanderer was no worse for ware.
  • The Wanderer made its way to the Mining Guild tower, but the would be rescuers found it difficult to get too close to the tower to make an effective collection. lzadarma warned of approaching TIEs, and since frustrated with the rescuee’s problems getting on the ship, he turned the ship to scoop the passengers aboard, and blasted into space.
  • Two TIEs were in hot pursuit, and lzadarma detected another two coming from the surface. Zax quickly calculated the jump to hyperspace, whilst lzadarma took the controls.
  • The TIEs made a valiant effort, but KYN-11T managed to destroy one before the ship lurched into the safety of hyperspace.

  • The journey to Qi’Ibire was a somber experience, with Content Not Found: pc-nexus and El-Isara being closely monitored on the journey.
  • Arcz informed Zax that whilst they were in the tower, pone of the “bucket heads” accused El-Isara of being a Jedi. Arcz knew little of what the Jedi were other than what he knew from his former life in the Tapani Sector, and the famed Sabre Rakes. Zax informed Arcz that the Jedi were responsible for the destruction of the Republic, and caused the Empire to take control of the Senate. Zax clearly showed his distrust of the Jedi.
  • Zax then approached the two new passengers and asked El-Isara about the statue. El-Isara claimed that the statue was something she had been looking for since the end of the Clone Wars and that she sensed that it was “evil”.
  • El-Isara handed over the agreed amount of 500 credits for the upfront portion of their transport off world.
  • Zax asked El-Isara where she wanted to go to which she stated that she had contacts who were from the criminal element on Karkaris who would be able to provide her with the remaining funds. Zax seemed to have other recollections of what was on the planet believing that Karkaris’ main export was low tech and imported high tech goods. Zax informed El-Isara that they were already going somewhere soon, where there was ample black market.
  • Arcz kept the two passengers occupied whilst en route to the planet.

  • Upon arrival on Qi’Ibire, Zax informed El-Isara and
    Content Not Found: pc-nexus that he was leaving the ship to speak with his employer, and to not stray far from the ship.
  • As Zax left the ship, Arcz spoke breifly with his friend about their next course of action.
  • During this time, El-Isara found a small terminal just outside of the ship to learn where they were, and soon after learned that they were on Qi’Ibire, a system controlled by the crimelord Treska the Hutt.



A silver tongue? Mine is pure GOLD!!

With El-Isara and Nexus in tow I talked my way into Voyadax’s HQ on Haenat. Not just past their rent-a-cops on the front door but I got Imperial Stormtroopers calling me sir.

There was one odd moment when one bucket head asked me for ID and El said that he didn’t need to see it and he said didn’t need to see it. What was that about? I think she might be one of those Jedi weirdos from Coruscant. I’d better tell Zax.

But enough about that! We got our hands on the Arcadium but we must have done something wrong as the bucket head with us went for his blaster and called El a Jedi. The plot might have thickened but I had my rapier out in a flash! I really must work on my salute to the enemy. I hadn’t even got half way through my opening flourish when the stormie was on the floor and leaking blood everywhere. Oh well sieze the moment or at least sieze the access card. L’zadarma might be able to do something with it.

So where was I? Oh yes, one stolen relic and one dead bucket head. What better way to get away with it than by claiming an imminent explosion and ordering an immediate evacuation. And they bought it! Alarms going off, holding a turbo lift for us to get to the roof, clearing the building! And then I sold the same story to the stormies on the roof!

All that and then I convinced the Imperial Shuttle, which was coming to pick up the arcadium, to turn around owing to the danger! I could sell sand to Tusken Raiders!

SEASON 1 - Episode 2

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