STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 13

The Shattered Light


The Shattered Light

Escaping from the clutches of BLACK SUN thanks to their friend KYN-11TE, El-Isara Vesri and Zax Wattega carry the knowledge that the origin of the artifact they seek, the SAILORS LIGHT, lies within the SOLANUS system, home of KYN-11TE’s construction.

Elsewhere, aboard Zad’Ser Station, Arcz Blakeney and L’zadarma D’Bro hunt down the operatives responsible for their friend’s capture, only to have the operatives and their leader escape during the confrontation.

Later, the crew attend the auction of the SAILORS LIGHT, with KYN-11TE being suddenly rendered inoperable upon its reveal. This is only the beginning of their troubles, as an Imperial Star Destroyer arrives, sending panic through the station....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 4


SCENE: Starfield – Zad’Ser System

ADDITIONAL XP: 5 (El-Isara Vesri)


I was surprised by how easily that Imperial Captain went down under my blade. Mind you I haven’t fought that many officer types in life or death situations. Duels to first blood, while exhilarating, are nothing compared to fighting to the death.

I didn’t really want to kill him but with our lovely Twi’lek telling him everything about us it kind of had to be done. I thought Kyanite had the matter, or at least the neck of it, in hand but then there was that weird flash of light form that crystal thingy El-Isara wanted and then Kyanite shut down.
The Impy guy grabbed L’zadarma but she belted him in the face with her lekku and he let go and not long after made a run for the door. He was quick but I was quicker. His bodyguards weren’t much either.

I have hazy memories after that. We ran for the ship and I have a vision of El-Isara and someone wearing black and wielding a red lightsabre but then some sort of large vehicle hit me. Next I know I’m waking up on the Star Wanderer as we travel through hyperspace with a head feeling like a Rancor is using it as a trampoline. But at least my face remains untouched!

SEASON 1 - Episode 13

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