STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 11

Crystal Clear


Crystal Clear

The Empire has made a critical error. After sending a Special Forces Team to recover a cargo of eldissium ore from the planet of Iselis, the team has become trapped when they are confronted by the crew of the Star Wanderer.

While the Imperials scramble to be rescued, the Star Wanderer flees the system with the ore securely in its cargo hold, and a mysterious alien device, discovered on the planet, now under the watchful eye of the skilled technician L’ZDARMA D’BRO.

In an attempt to cover their tracks, the crew travel to Zad’Ser, the home of a secretive shadowport. Unfortunately their arrival has coincided with an exclusive auction being held at the asteroid base, an event which has attracted the attention of several underworld syndicates....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 3


SCENE: Starfield – Zad’Ser System

The deepness of space. A lone YT-1000 exits hyperspace and flies past the screen. The camera pans and follows the craft as a massive asteroid belt looms in the distance.

CUT TO: YT-1000 Star Wanderer (Interior)

  • The heroes begin their approach to the asteroid base. During their trip, L’zadarma continues working on KYN-11T and although seems to have fixed the problem, cannot establish why the droid won’t activate. In the hope of learning more, she opens the chasis of the droid to see the crystal at the heart of the droid.
  • Tendrils can be seen weaving around bio-cables which are connected to KYN-11T‘s internal workings at one end, and the crystal on the other. Several of the cables are burned leaving a charred rock like splinter.
    L’zadarma takes the sample and performs some rudimentary experiments on it. Unfortunately, the crystal appeared inert. Later L’zadarma finds several unknown chemicals sprayed onto the crystal (probably during one of her other moments of research) which causes the crystal to duplicate.
  • Later the crew arrives at the station after a harrowing moment where Zax successfully managed to knock out the sensor array aboard the ship.
  • Upon arrival they are greeted by a protocol droid. Arcz speaks for the group whilst L’zadarma checks out the computer system. L’zadarma spruces herself up to look like a woman of the upper class, all whilst adjusting the computer records to show her as being on the guest list for a gala dinner and auction.
  • KYN-11T is left aboard the ship whilst the others are escorted by the droid to their luxury apartment.



I have never thought of myself as a violent person. Yes I am practiced in the use of blades but that was more for exercise than out of a desire to do violence to other beings. My encounter with a Krayt Dragon and the feelings of fear and helplessness it engendered in me opened up a dark place in my soul where I sought refuge. Violence suddenly became the first and easiest option and I fought with a feeling of rage.

But then we came to the shadowport of Zad’ser, a place which you would expect to be a wretched dive of scum and villainy. While it may be a remote and little known location it is a luxurious retreat for those rich and powerful enough to gain an invite…..or those who can slice their name on to the guest list.

Here there is wealth, decadence and dangerous intrigue where one wrong word or gesture can lead to disaster. There is a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I feel alive, invigorated. I feel more like my old self. I feel like I am home.

SEASON 1 - Episode 11

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