STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 10

Machines of War


Machines of War

The Star Wanderer and its crew have travelled across the Dominus Sector to the isolated world of Isleis. After battling strange alien creatures, and weathering vicious ionisation storms, the crew land at their destination of MINING BASE 427.

Before long they find themselves trapped in the depths of the processing plant where they find more than they bargained for when attacked by antiquated battle droids controlled by an unknown force.

Accompanied by their new associate, the smuggler JOCK McCRACKEN, and using little more than their wits, the crew venture further into the heart of the complex in search of what is controlling the droids. What they find however, may change their fates forever....

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 3


SCENE: Starfield
The deepness of space. The camera pans down to a blue grey planet. Flashes of blue green lightning scatter about the surface, a turbulent dust storm clearly covering most of the planet. Suddenly an Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle flies overhead, making its way towards the planet.

CUT TO: Shuttle Interior (Bridge)
An Imperial Pilot and Co-pilot monitor their workstation. An Imperial Captain in combat gear approaches the controls. Troopers can be seen behind the Captain readying weapons and equipment.

CUT TO: Shuttle Exterior
The ship flies past the camera, as the camera tracks the vessel entering the planet’s atmosphere.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Mining Base 427 (Interior)



So we’d smashed a bunch of clankers, decapitated a cyborg, skewered a ZX3 unit and reactivated the base controls so we could get the Wandering Star out of the docking bay.

Then the stormies decided to take stick their heads in to the mix.

We’ve had a couple of minor run ins with the Empire. Nothing major mind you. Stole some sort of relic, killed a few troopers, rescued a fugitive, stole a shuttle and got through a planetary blockade. All minor stuff but we didn’t really feel the need to get involved in an in depth conversation about who we are and what we were doing.

So given that history I felt the need to throw them off the scent so to speak. I don’t even know what I threw at them, just some bit of debris I picked up off the ground but it made them hit the deck screaming “Grenade!”. Hopefully saying we were Black Sun will make them go looking in all the wrong places. And telling them to fear the rise of the Red Vigo as we flew off? Who knows where that little mynock will find a home!

SEASON 1 - Episode 10

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