The Story

Far too often a game master finds that as he or she plots out the campaign, prior to starting with the first session, that concepts and ideas of what players may wish to play can impact the building narrative. This can result in game masters wasting valuable time and effort only to have any frame work destroyed at Session 0 as the players decide to play something completely unexpected.

In order to somehow short circuit this occurring, this campaign will be different to most in that a solid character concept will be suggested, and players will be expected to choose one of these options in order for the campaign to run smoothly. It should be noted that in each of the “perfect” examples there is a connection with each of the 4 other characters. Note that players only need to link to two of the other characters, however each character in the group must be able to be linked to two other player characters.

The Perfect Group

The following characters are suggested for this campaign. Please note that these are a “perfect” version of the player character group, but should not be limited if you have a solid idea that can work into the story that one of these characters fill:


Suggested Background: The Empire took everything away from you, and having lost all that you held dear, you followed your heart and purchased your dream – a starship. You are not sure if this was a good or a bad idea, and have often taken on more than you can handle. You have a great crew, but is a far cry from the loving embrace of your family.
Suggested Obligations: Addiction, Debt, Family
Suggested Duty: Resource Acquisition, Tech Procurement, Support
Suggested Morality: Not applicable
Suggested Careers (EotE): Explorer: Trader, Smuggler: Pilot, Smuggler: Scoundrel
Suggested Careers (AoR): None
Suggested Careers (F&D): None


Suggested Background: Towards the end of the Clones Wars, several members of the Clone Army stumbled across an anomaly in each clone, the inhibitor chip. The chip, purported to limit the independence and aggressiveness of clones was seen as an insult to many of the more forward thinking of the army. Several units, later referred to as the Shadow Initiative by the clones, had successfully removed the implants from their members, with many of the clones going mad, or falling into endless comas. These incidents were covered up by those clones who survived, and you were one of them. Unfortunately, mere days you had your implant removed, Order 66 was issued, and the unit you were with turned on its Jedi Masters. You attempted to defend the Jedi, and although successfully eliminating the rest of your unit, you failed to prevent the Jedi Master’s death. Now hunted by your own kind, you fled into the underworld, modifying your armour, and becoming a mercenary for hire. You’ve taken jobs here and there, but recently, you’ve taken up work as a heavy for a trader. Its not hard work, and the pay is lousy, but its a roof (of sorts) over your head, and puts you in a better position to watch out for your charge.
Suggested Obligations: Betrayal, Criminal, Oath
Suggested Duty: Combat Victory, Sabotage, Support
Suggested Morality: Not applicable
Suggested Careers (EotE): Bounty Hunter: Gadgeteer, Hired Gun: Bodyguard, Hired Gun: Mercenary
Suggested Careers (AoR): Soldier: Commando, Soldier: Sharpshooter, Spy: Scout
Suggested Careers (F&D): None


Suggested Background: You always had a knack for pulling things apart, and reassembling them into something else entirely. Often you would be scolded by your parents for destroying the thermal-infuser, or re-purposing the repulsor-manifold. Eventually you grew old enough to leave home, and started work for a local manufacturer, designing new parts, and fixing things that were never meant to be repaired. You eventually fell in with the wrong crowd, and somehow ended up working for a crouchy merchant. They’ve certainly put your skills to good use, and has allowed you to experiment here and there.
Suggested Obligations: Blackmail, Bounty, Obsession
Suggested Duty: Counter-Intelligence, Internal Security, Sabotage
Suggested Morality: Not applicable
Suggested Careers (EotE): Technician: Mechanic, Technician: Outlaw Tech, Technician: Slicer
Suggested Careers (AoR): Engineer: Mechanic, Spy: Infiltrator, Spy: Slicer
Suggested Careers (F&D): None


Suggested Background: The character was not even a Padawan when the Clone Troopers of the 501 Legion arrived at the Jedi Temple led by the Anakin Skywalker. Fear took hold of the young student, who was no more than 13 years of age, and so they fled the temple, using ancient air ducts deep in the temple’s hidden crypts in order to flee into the belly of the Coruscant underworld. You were found by a Clone on the run, and he promised to keep you safe. Eventually you made it off world, and some time later ended up working for a trader.
Suggested Obligations: Bounty, Dutybound, Oath
Suggested Duty: Personnel, Resource Acquisition, Support
Suggested Morality: Any
Suggested Careers (EotE): None
Suggested Careers (AoR): None
Suggested Careers (F&D): Any


Suggested Background: You have always been outspoken/skilled, something you learned from a young age being the child of a senator. But your mouth/skills has got you into hot water more often than not, and you have been forced into exile. Now you’re laying low all whilst helping an old friend, in particular assist him get jobs, or keep out of harms way with your wide array of contacts.
Suggested Obligations: Criminal, Favour, Responsibility
Suggested Duty: Intelligence, Political Support, Support
Suggested Morality: Not applicable
Suggested Careers (EotE): Colonist: Doctor, Colonist: Politico, Explorer: Fringer
Suggested Careers (AoR): Commander: Tactician, Diplomat: Ambassador, Diplomat: Agitator
Suggested Careers (F&D): None

Other Suggestions

Other options are as follows but will need work to fit in with the story:

The Cocky Scoundrel: This character will be the face of the operation. The character may not necessarily be the pilot of the ship, but is the person who may act as the pseudo leader.

Examples: Ace Knight (Moon Swing Chronicles) , Han Solo (SW:E4-6), Kanan Jarrus (Rebels), Lando Calrissian (SW:E5-6), Ledala Korewa (Moon Swing Chronicles) and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

The Disgruntled Mercenary: The brawn of the operation. The mercenary can be anything from a rogue droid, to a faceless bounty hunter or even an ex-Republic Clone Trooper. Combat is this character’s schtick.

Examples: Boba Fett (SW:E5-6), Captain Rex (Clone Wars), Gan Jan-Ru (Moon Swing Chronicles), IG-88 (SW:E5), Jayne Cobb (Firefly), Sabine Wren (Rebels) and Zoƫ Washburne (Firefly).

The Quirky Mechanic: The one who keep the ship, and possibly the story together. The Mechanic can be anything from the pilot of the ship, to the techie who gets the heroes into those hard to get places.

Examples: Chewbacca (SW:E3-6), Hera Syndulla (Rebels), Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne (Firefly), Karaharra (Moon Swing Chronicles), Kaylee Frye (Firefly)

The Mysterious Traveller: The character has a mystery, one that will possibly solved or at least explored during the campaign. The character can be attuned to the force or has recently discovered the Force. The character can be a regular person who is suddenly blessed with an unusual talent or special ability. This role is best suited to the force user in the team and may even be a Jedi Padawan who escape the Jedi Purge.

Examples: Guinan (ST:TNG), Jovan Farstrider (Moon Swing Chronicles), River Tam (Firefly)

The Plucky Adventurer
The stereotypical protagonist of the story, however not necessarily the main character. This character should be wide-eyed and ready to explore the larger galaxy. The character will need to grow into the galaxy, and some tragedy may be in their future or the answers to some in their past.

Examples: Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars), Ezra Bridger (Rebels), Luke Skywalker (SW:E4-6), Short Round (Indiana Jones II), and Tanlee Jandaloo (Moon Swing Chronicles).

The Young Noble: The straight-man/woman of the group. Would be good as a connection to the Rebellion and will be well connected with members of the underworld and even the Empire.

Examples: Dr. Simon Tam (Firefly), Leia Organa (SW:E4-6), Padme Amidala (SW:E1-3), Inara Serra (Firefly)

The Elder Statesman: This character is similar to the young noble, but with an older bent. Perhaps the character is a retired general, a former professor, or event an exiled senator. The character will be a knowledge base and perhaps spokesman from the group. As Young Noble, the Elder Statesman could have connections to the Rebellion and will be well connected.

Examples: Shepherd Book (Firefly), Fulcrum (Rebels), Senator Organa (SW:E2-3)

The Adventurous Droid: Star Wars just doesn’t quite feel like Star Wars without a droid. The droid should be a necessary part of the team.

Examples: R2-D2 (SW: E1-6), C1-10P “Chopper” (Rebels)


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