STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 1 - Episode 1
The Golden Arcadium

The Golden Arcadium

Dark times have befallen the galaxy. Five years have passed since the GALACTIC EMPIRE replaced the Republic. Thousands of Jedi have been murdered and millions of displaced citizens have been forced to flee into the Outer Rim.

In the wake of these events, disreputable merchants and smugglers scramble to take advantage of the situation, while confusion and desperation has created a haven for the galaxy’s underworld.

Meanwhile, on the industrial planet of Haenat a former Clone Trooper and his ward have come out of hiding, seeking assistance to leave the system. Little do they know that others have also discovered their call for help....

DESTINY POOL: Light Side 5 / Dark Side 4


SCENE: Starfield.
The expanse of space. The camera pans down to a reddish-orange planet. The space around the planet is busy, with starship traffic darting around the planet’s atmosphere and surface. Suddenly, a YT-1000 freighter races towards the camera. Several TIE/ln fighters can be seen in the background, all travelling at break neck speed, each attempting to catch up with the fleeing freighter. Two of the TIE/ln fighters manage to close with the ship, and each fires their laser cannons across the ship’s surface.

CUT TO: Cockpit of the YT-1000 Light Freighter “Star Wanderer”
A young pilot is frantically punching formula into a navi-computer. A Twi-lek female in coveralls is sitting next to him, the look on her face clearly shows that she is just as concerned as her pilot. The cabin of the cockpit shudders, and several alarms start sounding on the controls. The young pilot turns to the Twi’lek.

CUT-TO: Exterior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
The scene is several hours earlier in a nightclub in downtown Haenat. A large droid stands across the road from the nightclub, its sensors scanning the area for threat; a heavy blaster rifle slung across its back. A young woman dressed in a cloak and a tall male wearing what could be considered to resemble an older style Clone Trooper armour approach the front door of the club. As the young woman enters, the armoured figure surveys the surrounding area, before also disappearing inside.

CUT-TO: Interior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
As the two enter, a suave man waves at them, and the two make their way to the booth where he is seated. The young man introduces himself as Arcz Blakeney and confirms that the tall man is Content Not Found: pc-nexus_, the one who contacted him about passage off-world. Discussions progress and Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ reveals that he and his ward are looking to get off world in a timely manner without any Imperial entanglements. Concerned, Arcz asks what price did they have in mind. Content Not Found: pc-nexus explains that they have a small amount of cash, but would be able to access larger quantities of cash at the end of their journey. Arcz seemed concerned, but after further discussion, he explained he would need to discuss the matter with his associates. Arcz then nods towards the bar, in the direction of another young man and a Twi-lek female, both of whom appear to be keeping a watchful eye on the table. Arcz excused himself and made his way towards the rest rooms. The second man at the bar, Zax Wettega, informs his Twi-lek associate L’zadarma D’bro, that he would be back momentarily. L’zadarma, who was wearing coveralls and looked a little out of place, waited patiently for the return of her friend, all whilst keeping a watchful eye on the two at the table.

CUT-TO: Exterior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
KYN-11T watches as two thugs, armed with blaster pistols, thankfully holstered, entered the nightclub. The droid upgraded its threat level to 4 which for Haenat was fairly normal.

CUT-TO: Interior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
The two thug type individuals enter the nightclub, and make their way to the other side of the bar opposite L’zadarma. The two appear to be looking about and then point discretely towards Arcz, Zax and then the two seated behind them namely El-Isara and Content Not Found: pc-nexus_. One of them pulls out a comlink to communicate with an unknown associate. El-Isara and _Content Not Found: pc-nexus notice this, as does KYN-11T and L’zadarma

Seeing the suspicious behaviour, the bodyguard droid KYN-11T moved from across the road to near the front door of the nightclub, as he has lost visual contact with his associate, Zax. As the droid arrived at the steps, it monitored a speeder further down the street activating its lights, and pulling up outside. The speeder contained 5 individuals, one who appeared to be wearing heavier grade armour than the others. The armoured individual existed the vehicle, and instructed the others to remain in the speeder to await his signal. The armoured individual brushed past the large droid, and entered the bar. The well-built man is closely monitored by KYN-11T, however it also noticed the men doing something in their laps. KYN-11T’s threat detector escalated to Level 8.

The armoured man quickly made his way through the bar and approached the two individuals who were monitoring El-Isara and Content Not Found: pc-nexus_. The men openly pointed towards the El-Isara and _Content Not Found: pc-nexus, at which time the armoured man told his associate who still holding the comlink to call the others. The associate activated the comlink, and KYN-11T saw the men in the speeder respond, their weapons now clearly visible, each pulling a mask over their face.

KYN-11T’s threat level increased to Maximum Threat, and the droid immediately drew his weapon from over his shoulder, and opened fire on the speeder with suppression fire. One of the men was caught by a stray shot, his chest nothing more than a chard mess. Meanwhile inside the club, people began to panic. Over the din of screams, the armoured man stepped forward and began yelling at Content Not Found: pc-nexus.

The man then drew his heavy blaster rifle, and pointed it firmly towards Content Not Found: pc-nexus, while the other two in the bar, pointed their weapons towards Zax and the rest of the crowd.

The crowd continued to panic, with people screaming and patrons falling over each other in their efforts to escape. Zax moved to engage the weapon wielding men, who by now were clearly identifiable as bounty hunters. The hunters were quicker, but Zax managed to dodge out of the way of their blasters. That was until he caught the tail end of a blaster shot which forced him to the ground, the keys to speeder sliding across the floor into the fleeing patrons.

L’zadarma quickly followed her patron, and for her protection drew what she thought was her blaster to shoot back at the assailants. Unfortunately, as was often the case, L’zadarma had successfully holstered her spanner instead of her blaster. A she held the spanner in her grip, she quickly realised that her best chance of clearing a path for her friend was to use the spanner as a projectile, and flung the tool at the main bounty hunter’s head. The spanner bounced off the hunter’s helmet, garnishing a growl from the seasoned warrior.

The hunter fired off a volley of stun rounds at Content Not Found: pc-nexus_, but the seasoned clone was far from affected by them. Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ quickly assessed the situation, knowing that the dark was possibly his greatest ally. Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ instructed his ward, the Padawan El-Isara, to flee, at which time Arcz offered the young woman an escape by blasting a hole through the nightclub’s window. _Content Not Found: pc-nexus meanwhile took aim at the power conduit he had spotted above their table and sent several blaster shots into the roof. Darkness engulfed the nightclub, at which time, Content Not Found: pc-nexus donned his helmet and took aim at the lead hunter.

CUT-TO: Exterior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
El-Isara jumped through the window, but caught herself slightly on the broken glass, but landed safely on the street outside. Her new friend Arcz was not far behind. Meanwhile, KYN-11T, having dealt with the remaining hunters by completely destroying their vehicle with further blaster fire, made its way into the club, and surveyed the scene.

CUT-TO: Interior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ engaged the lead hunter, initially with weapon fire, but soon after, in hand to hand combat with his knife. The seasoned hunter was a formidable foe, and _Content Not Found: pc-nexus soon learned that he was clearly a match for his skills. Meanwhile, L’zadarma saw KYN-11T enter the club, and soon after, acting upon the knowledge of what normally happened next if someone got between KYN-11T and Zax. It was then she spotted her spanner, and by chance, Zax’s keys.

L’zadarma and Zax scambled on the floor, just as KYN-11T opened up on the remaining hunters who were still taking cover behind the bar. KYN-11T‘s heavy blaster obliterated the bar and to two hunters along with it. Zax motioned to L’zadarma, indicating that it was time to leave. It was at that time, that Zax realised two things. First, that he had just put his hand on the hunters heavy blaster rifle that he had just dropped, and secondly that he was on all fours in front of the hunter himself.

The lead hunter broke away from Content Not Found: pc-nexus_, and drew his heavy blaster pistol, aiming it at the young pilot. _Content Not Found: pc-nexus defended the young man and engaged with the hunter, partly on instinct, and partly because he felt that by saving the young man, he may be more open to helping him and El-Isara.

CUT-TO: Exterior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
El-Isara waited outside for Content Not Found: pc-nexus, watching the crowd spew out of the side entrance to the club. As she searched the crowd, Arcz landed on the road outside, and charmingly indicated towards a large speeder truck parked in an alleyway across the road from the club. El-Isara again scanned the crowd, but quickly sensed that her companion was well and truly alive. The young Padawan ran across the road, and jumped into the truck. As Arcz made his way across the road, he saw continued blaster fire from inside. Perhaps he could create a diversion, and make it easier for his companions to escape.

CUT-TO: Interior of Speeder Truck
El-Isara surveyed the interior of the truck. There were no keys and no way to make an early get away. El-Isara was by far an expert in mechanics, but she had seen enough vehicles hot-wired in her time, especially since being on the un from the Empire for the past five years. Without thinking, El-Isara popped the cover of the speeder’s steering column and pressed several circuits. The doors to the vehicle popped open, leaving her somewhat exposed to the viewing crowd. As she realised what she had done, she noticed Arcz attempting to take a few shots at the lead hunter, which did nothing but annoy the hunter, and aggravate the crowd.

CUT-TO: Interior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion”
Inside, Content Not Found: pc-nexus heard the all too familiar sound of a heavy blaster being set to auto-fire, and quickly ducked around the hunter, and sprinted out the door. L’zadarma and Zax heard it to, and ducked for cover as the droid opened up on the hunter, blasting the man into several pieces.

KYN-11T springted across the room, and collected Zax in his stride. L’zadarma meanwhile collected her spanner and the keys and followed the droid. As they approached the speeder, Zax demanded the keys from L’zadarma, and the Twi’lek, somewhat reluctantly threw them his way. Sirens could now be heard coming towards their position, and it was clearly time to leave.

CUT-TO: Exterior of Nightclub “Techno Lesion” and inside Speeder Truck
KYN-11T jumped into the rear compartment, as did Content Not Found: pc-nexus. El-Isara moved to the rear passenger seat, while L’zadarma jumped in her lap. Zax slid across the bonnet and landed in the driver’s seat of the open speeder, instinctively starting the vehicle. As Arcz slid in beside the pilot, Zax floored the controls, and the speeder-truck sped away from the crowd, into the darkness of the city back-alleys. As the speeder disappeared, a single flash from a holo-com belonging to one of the patrons of the club took note of the speeder truck’s registration code.

CUT-TO: Inside Speeder Truck
As Zax took great steps to use the backstreets to avoid detection, El-Isara received a message from a Toydarian informant named Jae Sund. Sund was a friend of Detr-ra Soong, a long time friend and associate of El-Isara.

Zax listened careful to the conversation. A statue both rare, and value – perfect for his needs.

Meanwhile, El-Isara pondered what she knew, attempting to remember what small amount of training that she had on the subject. She did recall something about the name. The statue was a rare artifact that was powerful, and should she get close to it, she could be able to feel it through the force. Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ voiced his concerned, and before Arcz could negotiate, Zax had already agreed that it was a deal. Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ seemed perplexed by this sudden agreement, in particular due to the fact that the statue had just been mentioned. El-Isara attempted to allay Content Not Found: pc-nexus’ concerns, however this was brushed aside when flashing lights appears in the speeders rear vision mirror.

CUT-TO: City Street
Zax pulls the speeder truck over, whilst KYN-11T and Content Not Found: pc-nexus hide down in the rear tray. The traffic stop was over qucikly, with a combined effort of Arcz’s fast talking, L’zadarma providing a distraction by draping her arm over the young El-Isara, and Zax spinning a tale that they had been at a nightclub where a droid went on the rampage. The traffic officer gave a warning only for the fact that Zax has passed through a red light, and let the heroes be on their way.

As the journey to their ship continued, L’zadarma suggested that she hack into the city planning registry to obtain blueprints of the Mining Guild Headquarters. Within minutes, L’zadarma had a full floorplan of the building. The group, en route to the starport, began discussing their plans to break into guild office.

CUT-TO: Security Checkpoint
The heroes travel to the spaceport only to be stopped by a long line of vehicles being scrutinized at a local security checkpoint leading into the facility. While waiting, Content Not Found: pc-nexus hid under the covers of the crates, while KYN-11T continued to monitor the situation also from the safety of the crates. As the group arrived, the security officers checked the vehicle over, whilst the lead officer started asking questions.

While Arcz and Zax were asked countless questions, El-Isara reached out subtlety with the force, and touched the officer’s mind. Using the Force, she eased his mind and allowed the officer to relax. One of the others security guards believed that they noticed something under the sheets at the rear of the vehicle and went to ask the lead officer to come and look. Believing what Arcz and Zax were saying about their frightful time at the nightclub he allowed them to pass.

CUT-TO: Interior of the YT-1000 “Star Wanderer”
The crew, El-Isara and Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ then started making their plan. It was decided that Arcz, El-Isara and Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ would travel to the Mining Guild Headquarters, retrieve the statue and if there were any complications, would be collected by the “Star Wanderer”. The execution of the plan was that Arcz would play the part of an ISB Agent who had been sent to collect the statue, El-Isara would play his cultural adviser and expert who specialised in the care of the artifact, while Content Not Found: pc-nexus would act as his personal Stormtrooper bodyguard.

First however, they would need to look the part, and Arcz went to his “uniform” collection and made up what he thought would be convincing ISB Agent attire. Second, Content Not Found: pc-nexus_ would need to make his armour similar to that of a stormtrooper. L’zadarma said she would take care of it, and _Content Not Found: pc-nexus went about removing his armour for her modification. During the modification, which took a couple of hours, it resulted in more than L’zadarma bargained for….


  • The code that Content Not Found: pc-nexus had used was able to be traced
  • Bounty Hunters were acting on an Imperial Bounty for the arrest of Content Not Found: pc-nexus
  • The Statue that El-Isara sought was still on the planet, but had been taken to the Voyadax Conglomerate Headquarters.
  • The statue is due to be collected by an Imperial officer who has been sent from Dominus, the Capital of the Sector.
  • The statue has a name – The Golden Arcadium.
  • L’zadarma has a habit of forgetting her blaster and normally places her favourite wrench in her holster instead.


SEASON 1 - Episode 2
Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings

The crew of the STAR WANDERER led by Captain Zax Wettega have arrived at the industrial world of Haenat. While there, crewman Arcz Blakeney organised a rendezvous with a potential client seeking passage off planet with no questions asked.

As the crew met with their new clients, Nexus Tyrell and his ward El-Isara Vesri, bounty hunters arrived to capture the veteran soldier. Their efforts were thwarted however, allowing the crew and their new business partners to escape.

Meanwhile, El-Isara has learned that an ancient artifact has resurfaced at the headquarters of the Voyadax Conglomerate. El-Isara has pleaded with the crew to assist her in recovering the item, to which they have reluctantly agreed....

DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 5


SCENE: Starfield
The expanse of space. The camera pans down to a reddish-orange planet. The space around the planet is busy, with starship traffic darting around the planet’s atmosphere and surface.

CUT TO: Haenat Starport
A wide shot of an expansive starport on the planet. All manner of ships dart in and around the starport, as the camera zooms down to a docking bay, a small YT-1000 resting within.

CUT TO: Interior of the YT-1000 “Star Wanderer”

  • Steal a black speeder which appeared to be a Government vehicle
  • Return Speeder truck
  • Travel to the Mining Guild Headquarters
  • Arcz does most of the talking and using the guise of an Imperial ISB Agent and his entourage of a Stormtrooper, and artifact specialist. Cons past main security officer at the front door and gains an escort to the holding facility
  • Gets past two sets of Stormtroopers to gain access to the research division level.
  • El’Esara uses mind trick to get past the stormtrooper, but may have been caught on holo-cam in the process.
  • Enters the research facility secure area and finds dozens of clones in stasis chambers being monitored by technicians
  • Led into cold room area when there are thousands of storage racks, all sealed. Led to the end by a single stormtrooper after ordered to do so by Arcz.
  • El’Isara was asked to explain the item to the stormtrooper, to which she attempted to conjure a story. The situation didn’t sound at all convincing, and confused the stormtroopers more than anything. The stormtrooper asked to see her credentials to which she attempted to again use the force to convince the stormtrooper he didn’t need to see that, but failed to touch the troopers mind. He then exclaimed that she was a Jedi, catching Arcz by surprise initially. Arcz however was quick to the mark, and killed the trooper.
  • Arcz ordered the evacuation of the facility stating that the item was about to explode.
  • The technicians secured the area and started to evacuate.
  • Meanwhile Arcz, Nexus and El’Isara enter a turbolift to go to the rooftop. En route, Arcz radioed Zax and informed him that “the jig was up” and to meet them on the roof.
  • Zax immediately contacted spaceport command and requested a flight-plan. One was provided quickly, and the Star Wanderer took off. Immediately, Zax broke the flightplan and made his way to towards the city, specifically the Voyadax Corporate Headquaters. Starport security kept attempting communication with the Wanderer, ordering it to return to flight-plan. Zax faked a communications breakdown only to be told that a diagnostic confirmed that was nothing wrong with the ship’s systems. Zax informed the others that there was going to be a problem, and accelerated towards the headquarters building.
    *As Arcz, El’Isara and Nexus arrived, they were confronted with 6 stormtroopers awaiting the arrival of something on a landing platform. El’Isara spotted the Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle and the two TIE escorts following behind, pointing it out to the others. Arcz radioed into Zax, informing them of what they could see, to which he confirmed what he could see.
  • Arcz continued in his ISB persona and ordered the troopers off the roof and to get to safety. One of the troopers asked what he was doing, to which Arcz replied that he would get to safety in the shuttle. The troopers all left , leaving the three alone on the roof to monitor the situation.
  • The Wanderer moved quickly towards the tower, at which point the TIEs maneuvered themselves towards the approaching freighter.
  • KYN-11T manned the guns and fired a volley at the shuttle. The shot hit, damaging the ship, but not before the TIEs could return fire. The Wanderer became heavily damaged, but managed to close the distance between it and TIEs, blowing one to dust. The remaining TIE was still in pursuit, but was soon dispatched by lzadarma, who had returned from her makeshift repairs, and into the second gunner’s chair. One of the TIE’s fins slammer into the shuttle, disabling its shields, and caused the ship to flee. Its parting gift was a volley of shots, however the Wanderer was no worse for ware.
  • The Wanderer made its way to the Mining Guild tower, but the would be rescuers found it difficult to get too close to the tower to make an effective collection. lzadarma warned of approaching TIEs, and since frustrated with the rescuee’s problems getting on the ship, he turned the ship to scoop the passengers aboard, and blasted into space.
  • Two TIEs were in hot pursuit, and lzadarma detected another two coming from the surface. Zax quickly calculated the jump to hyperspace, whilst lzadarma took the controls.
  • The TIEs made a valiant effort, but KYN-11T managed to destroy one before the ship lurched into the safety of hyperspace.

  • The journey to Qi’Ibire was a somber experience, with Content Not Found: pc-nexus and El-Isara being closely monitored on the journey.
  • Arcz informed Zax that whilst they were in the tower, pone of the “bucket heads” accused El-Isara of being a Jedi. Arcz knew little of what the Jedi were other than what he knew from his former life in the Tapani Sector, and the famed Sabre Rakes. Zax informed Arcz that the Jedi were responsible for the destruction of the Republic, and caused the Empire to take control of the Senate. Zax clearly showed his distrust of the Jedi.
  • Zax then approached the two new passengers and asked El-Isara about the statue. El-Isara claimed that the statue was something she had been looking for since the end of the Clone Wars and that she sensed that it was “evil”.
  • El-Isara handed over the agreed amount of 500 credits for the upfront portion of their transport off world.
  • Zax asked El-Isara where she wanted to go to which she stated that she had contacts who were from the criminal element on Karkaris who would be able to provide her with the remaining funds. Zax seemed to have other recollections of what was on the planet believing that Karkaris’ main export was low tech and imported high tech goods. Zax informed El-Isara that they were already going somewhere soon, where there was ample black market.
  • Arcz kept the two passengers occupied whilst en route to the planet.

  • Upon arrival on Qi’Ibire, Zax informed El-Isara and
    Content Not Found: pc-nexus that he was leaving the ship to speak with his employer, and to not stray far from the ship.
  • As Zax left the ship, Arcz spoke breifly with his friend about their next course of action.
  • During this time, El-Isara found a small terminal just outside of the ship to learn where they were, and soon after learned that they were on Qi’Ibire, a system controlled by the crimelord Treska the Hutt.


SEASON 1 - Episode 3
Darkest Star

Darkest Star

Having recovered the rare artifact the GOLDEN ARCADIUM from the Voyadax Conglomerate, the crew of the Star Wanderer and their new passengers have escaped the might of the Empire and landed on Qi’Ibre.

With limited ways of paying their debt, El-Isara and her veteran clone companion have been left aboard the Star Wanderer whilst the ship’s captain, Zax Wattega seeks further information from his employer TRESKA THE HUTT.

Several star systems away, the exploits of the Star Wanderer’s crew has not gone unnoticed. Due to the recent attack on Imperial Forces, the Governor of Haenat has contacted his superiors on Dominus in order to seek their assistance....

DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 2


  • Zax and KYN-11T left the ship and went into Treska’s nightclub headquarters, high above the city in her kilometer high sky-needle. Whilst walking to the main entrance, Zax spotted a Firespray class starship with the markings of Black Sun. This put the young smuggler on edge, and he informed KYN-11T to watch their backs.
  • Upon entry to the club, Zax looked about for one of Treska’s lieutenants, and spotted the Hutt’s most trusted advisor, the white robed Cadence.
  • Zax advised her that he had a Jedi aboard and really didn’t know what to do about it given what he knew about the Jedi and the fall of the Republic. She seemed interested, but first tried to set the record straight. At the mention of the Jedi however, she seemed uncomfortable which let her guard down and her robes moved in such a way that Zax spotted what appeared to be a lightsaber. Zax, somewhat concerned, was spotted by Cadence to spot her weapon, and started giving Zax a dressing down.

  • Meanwhile at the ship, L’zadarma started work on repairs to the Star Wanderer_. Arcz kept the _Content Not Found: pc-nexus and El-Isara occupied and engaged them in small talk. Whilst waiting, Arcz took a look out the view-port and spotted what he believed to be the same Firespray class starship with red markings Zax had spotted on his way into Treska’s palace. Arcz also spotted a tall black droid, and a Gotal mercenary exiting the ship and meeting with several mercenary looking individuals, all of which appeared heavily armed.
  • It was soon after this, that whilst moving between the ship and the repair station, L’zadarma spotted the same thing Arcz had spotted moments earlier, and dropped what she was doing to board the ship.

  • Whilst dressing Zax down, Cadence stopped mid-sentence as though seeing something that was not there. A concerned look crossed her face, and she abruptly excused herself and left towards where Treska was enjoying the rhythm of the crowd.
  • At this point, blasters started firing – Black Sun had arrived to take possession of their former base.
  • Zax and KYN-11T missed the mercenrary’s entrance, but soon learned that all the exits were blocked. Whilst KYN-11T kept an eye on the crowd, Zax looked for an escape route, only to find one across the dancefloor, and potentially through the mercenaries.
  • Zax comlinked the ship, and instructed Arcz and L’zadarma to prep the ship for takeoff.


SEASON 1 - Episode 4
Misplaced Deeds

Misplaced Deeds

The notorious organisation of BLACK SUN has made their first move against TRESKA THE HUTT. The first attempt failed thanks to the unforeseen resistance from the crime lord’s forces including the crew of the Star Wanderer and their two passengers.

News of the incident on Qi’Ibre has spread throughout the Dominus Sector’s crime cartels. Several candidates currently being considered for the position of BLACK SUN Vigo in this area of space must now ponder their next move whilst being careful not to instigate an underworld civil war.

Meanwhile, as the dust settles, the crew of the Star Wanderer have travelled to the war torn world of Solay in order to collect a special cargo for a long time associate of their employer....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 4


  • The heroes were ordered by Treska the Hutt to collect some merchandise from a Rodian Hunter named Jora who was stationed at a small out of the way locale called Vapor Station on the desert world of Solay.
  • El-Isara informed the crew of the Star Wanderer that her former companion had a small stash of 10,000 credits held by an associate who also lived on Solay. She identified the man as one Droma Kruge, a gun runner and former Clone Trooper.
  • El-Isara agreed to taking the crew of the Star Wanderer to collect the money so she could fulfill her debt to Zax, for rescuing her and Tyrell from Haenat.
  • The crew then travelled to the civil war ridden world of Solay, and decided to collect the credits first before travelling to Vapor Station.
  • The crew found that the starport, was heavily patrolled by security, with more focus placed on people leaving the planet than entering.
  • Knowing the legal restrictions of having an assassin droid in their possession, L’zadarma D’bro “dressed” KYN-11T for the occasion, spot welding various metal pieces, and applying some spray to make the droid look more like a loader droid. Her actions were quite successful, and annoyed KYN-11T to no end.
  • Everyone left their weapons behind, and they ventured into the city, getting instructions from El-Isara.
  • The crew travelled via public transport to the lower parts of the city to meet Droma Kruge at his home address. The crew did not contact him prior to their arrival.
  • Once in the lower areas, L’zadarma became aware of a blocked off area of the city which had suffered from what appeared to be a terrorist attack. Newscasts scrawled across transport monitors showing pictures of civil unrest, and fighting tin the street. The route that they took however appeared to be clear of such violence.
  • Upon arrival in the block where El-Isara incidcated was the home of Kruge, Zax felt that something was wrong. He observed that the streets in the area were quiet, and tried to warn KYN-11T that something was up. Moments later, as they entered the alleyway of the gun runner’s home, 6 elite black garbed troopers emerged from their hiding spots, and opened fire against the crew with weapons set to stun.
  • As Zax dove for cover KYN-11T, the troopers fired a second volley, one catching Zax in the leg, and another shooting at Arcz.
  • Arcz shrugged off the effects, and ran directly at the troopers at the end of the alley, using a low hanging fire-escape to spin round to collect the troopers at the side. The attack, although successful, provide less impact than the young Tapani had hoped.


SEASON 1 - Episode 5
Oath of Obedience

Oath of Obedience

The crew of the Star Wanderer have travelled to the desert world of Solay with the hope of recovering a stash of credits hidden by El-Isara’s former companion Nexus Tyrell. Upon arrival at their destination however, agents of the GALACTIC EMPIRE were waiting for them in ambush.

After thwarting the attack the crew learned that Droma Kruge, another former Clone Trooper, who had been hiding the contingency funds for Nexus, had been taken by Imperial Agents and hidden elsewhere on the planet.

Now lost in the urban jungle of Solay, the crew has found their way to a security station in the hope of tracking down the whereabouts of Droma Kruge in order to rescue him and continue with the mission they were employed to perform....

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 2


PAN DOWN: A blue coloured world, an Imperial Strike Cruiser comes into shot, clearly orbiting the planet.

CUT TO: Interior of Strike Cruiser. An Imperial Captain surveys a data report, a young ensign standing at attention by his side. A communications officer rushes up to the Captain brandishing a datapad.

Comms Officer: Captain Lingsten. An urgent communicae from Solay Sir. The message was somewhat distorted, but it says ‘Its here’."

The officer hands the pad to the Captain. The Captain’s eyes open wide, and a smile crosses his face.

Captain Lingsten: “It was only a matter of time before it showed up. Do we have any troopers in the area?”
Comms Officer: “There is a specialist squad in the area sir from Operation Dawn Trill. They are there for an extraction of one of the missing subjects.”
Captain Lingsten: “I’m sure the Commander won’t mind if we ask them to pull double duty on this. Having it out there doing who knows what is problematic at best. Send a message Lieutenant. Priority 1.”
Comms Officer: “Shall we inform the Doctor as well Sir?”
Captain Lingsten: “Let’s wait shall we? Until we have it in our possession at least. No need to be having any more conversations with the good Doctor today. One per week is normally quite enough.”
Comms Officer: “Yes Sir”.

CUT TO: Alleyway in Solay, with line of sight to a Security Station.

  • The crew notice that there are five police speeder bikes, 2 patrols vehicles and a prison transport vehicle at the front of the security station. They also notice that there is a data terminal out the front.
  • L’zadarma decides that she can get to the terminal and hack into the system and find exactly where Droma Kruge is. They quickly find a small department store and purchase a set of older women’s clothes and a hooded cloak.
  • L’zadarma then pretends to be an old woman attempting to use the terminal. She seems to go unnoticed, and is able to hack into the system unnoticed.
  • L’zadarma finds the location they were looking for namely a private Imperial loading bay at the main spaceport. She also finds that the building they had passed earlier that had been bombed was actually the site of a secret ISB Office. She also manages to find a clear path to the loading bay as she successfully downloaded the patrol frequencies so that she could track the patrols vehicles real time.
  • The crew avoid the patrols and find their way to the loading bay.
  • At the loading bay, they find a lack of patrols, but a very secure blast door preventing entry.
  • L’zadarma and Zax made their way across to the blast door, not realising initially that they had exposed themselves to a security camera in the process. KYN-11T, somewhat dismayed at his “ward’s” lack of sensibility, followed, which exposed all three of them to camera.
  • L’zadarma immediately pulled open a control panel in order to gain access to the door. A quick check found that the door was clearly faulty, and required nothing more than disengaging of a power conduit. This gave her the opportunity to attempt to hack the camera network to erase their entry.
  • A short conversation occurred where they discussed who should go where, with all five almost deciding to go back through the main port entry.
  • Whilst KYN-11T and Zax pried open the blast doors, L’zadarma quickly adjusted the cameras to be on a loop, and successful wiped the footage for the past several minutes. As the doors creaked open, the five all decided that they were here and might as well go through. All five members of the crew slipped into the secured area.
  • Arcz, El-Isara and L’zadarma decided to go and follow the signal to where the horrendous point was, whilst KYN-11T and Zax returned to the ship.
  • Arcz, El-Isara and L’zadarma found their way through service corridors and ended up near the tarmac, specially near a small Imperial compound protected by local security. The compound contained a building with a single entry and what appeared to be a 10 foot fence surrounding. The familiar fin of an Imperial Lambda Shuttle could be seen sticking up from the middle of the compound, indicating an open air docking bay.
  • L’zadarma claimed to have a plan, and stipped down to her underwear, handing her belongings to El-Isara. L’zadarma then stumbled out of the access corridor in front of the security guards.


  • Meanwhile, KYN-11T and Zax arrive at the Star Wanderer to find the ship open. Whilst KYN-11T’s sensors went into overdrive, Zax carefully searched the ship. As they enter, they notice strange marks on the deck plating and the ramp itself. It is not long before they realise that the droid that they had brought aboard the ship had somehow reactivated, and dragged itself out of the ship, leaving behind half of its chassis, its armoured plating and its weapons.
  • Zax locked the ship, and activated the ships jamming beacon. Soon after, a group of storm commando entered the hanger bay.


SEASON 1 - Episode 6
Krayt Expectations

Krayt Expectations

Several underworld organisations are poised at the brink of civil war. TRESKA THE HUTT has claimed victory after the recent attempt on her life, and has called upon BLACK SUN to negotiate a truce.

Whilst both sides maneuver their forces, MOFF VORPAIN of the Dominus Sector, has sent Imperial Envoys to meet with all sides of the conflict to ensure a peaceful resolution without necessitating involvement from the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

Meanwhile, after rescuing the former Clone Trooper Droma Kruge and stealing an Imperial Shuttle, the crew of the Star Wanderer have taken refuge in the canyons outside Solay’s Capital City in order to strip the vessel and consider their next move....

DESTINY POOL: Light 2 / Dark 3



SEASON 1 - Episode 7
Trouble at Greentop

Trouble at Greentop

Hostilities between the underworld factions have temporarily ceased. The recent visit by Imperial officials has quelled the violence and despite her reluctance, TRESKA THE HUTT has agreed to meet with Black Sun in order to settle the dispute.

Meanwhile, the actions of El-Isara Vesri have drawn the attention of a mysterious foe. The Dark Master, sworn to protect a long forgotten secret, has dispatched his apprentice to locate the Padawan and the artifact she now possesses.

Elsewhere, the crew of the Star Wanderer have escaped Solay under a hail of Imperial gunfire, bound for the Qi’Ibre system, to deliver a dangerous cargo of Krayt Dragons to SINASU THE HUTT, and a captured Imperial Shuttle to their employer....

DESTINY POOL: Light 1 / Dark 5



SEASON 1 - Episode 8
Low Tidings

Low Tidings

The Star Wanderer and its crew have arrived at the Hutt controlled crime world Qi’Ibre. With a Star Destroyer in orbit, the crew quietly made their way to the rendezvous point to deliver their precious Krayt Dragon cargo.

Unfortunately their destination, the palace of SINASU THE HUTT, is found destroyed and the crew’s contact missing. With little information to go on, the crew search the city for clues, but even with knowledge of several safe-houses, find no trace of the Hutt.

Troubled, the crew head back to the ship only to be ambushed by mercenaries tracking them since their arrival. After quickly eliminating the threat, the crew return to the main starport to formulate their next move....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Arcz Blakeney (Philanderer)
DESTINY POOL: Light 0 / Dark 6



SEASON 1 - Episode 9
Of Dust and Oil

Of Dust and Oil

Following the attempted abduction of SINASU THE HUTT, Imperial officials have left the Qi’Ibre system so tempers may subside between the warring criminal factions.

ZAX WETTEGA, Captain of the Star Wanderer, has been rewarded with freedom from indentured service by TRESKA THE HUTT in thanks for his involvement in her Lieutenant’s rescue. Celebrations are short lived when Zax is forced by the Hutt into purchasing his beloved ship, placing him once more into her debt.

Meanwhile, several independent traders, employed to help resupply the clandestine operations of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, have disappeared, and Imperial Intelligence is eager to find out why....

DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 1


SCENE: Starfield
The deepness of space. The camera pans down to a blue green planet with numerous ships coming and going from the planet including luxury liners, transports, freighters and fighter size craft. This is the planet of Dominus, the Sector Capital of the Dominus Sector. Suddenly a dull thunder crosses overhead, as a Victory Class Star Destroyer comes into frame.

CUT TO: Interior (Bridge)
As Imperial technicians move about the bridge of the ship, an Imperial Moff dressed in a formal white uniform stands surveying the planet, sipping on a cup of what appears to be a herbal tea, a service droid holding a tray with a steaming pot. Another officer approaches the Moff, a portly man in his 50s, dressed in the Command Uniform bearing the insignia of a General.

A stern look passes the General’s face, as he turns and walks towards the communication station.

CUT TO: Planet Qi’Ibire – Treska’s Base (Exterior)

  • The crew discuss the sharing of any profits of their new venture, now that Zax has taken on the debt for the purchase of the ship.
  • It is agreed that after all expenses for the ship are paid, each crew member will get an even share of the profits, with the ship being the equivalent of one crew member. This money cannot be borrowed against and is to be used for upgrades and the like.
  • With this out of the way, Zax and KYN-11TE go and speak with Josco, Zax’s smuggler friend in order to see what deals, shady or otherwise, that might be available. Unfortunately, Josco does not know of any, but suggests speaking with one of his contacts. Josco also informs Zax that fter everything that has been going on, that the group have worn out their welcome. Zax then provides the information he found to Arcz.
  • Arcz manages to track down the contact Josco suggested, and uncovers two jobs that are available. One of the jobs is running freight from Solay to Ruac, which he decides might be a little too hot given that it’s probably the crew’s fault the planet is currently in lock-down. The other is a well paying job, taking a shipment of eldissium ore from the mining planet of Isleis, and taking it to an unknown location which will be made apparent on arrival. Arcz sees the risks in this type of job, but is mesmerized by the amount of credits on offer – 15,000cr. He immediately returns to the ship to inform the crew.
  • El-Isara attends the palace and tracks down Cadence. She apologises for her anger and attitude towards Cadence, and explains that she was obviously upset due to the loss of her mentor and friend Nexus moments before. Cadence explains to El-Isara the important of not giving into attachment, but again offers to train her when she requires it. El-Isara agrees, and the two talk for a while about her experiences thus far.
  • Meanwhile, whilst waiting for El-Isara to return, the rest of the crew start working out what they want to do after the finishing the job to Isleis. They decided that they want to somehow obtain an old Consular-Class Cruiser to enhance their “business” model in order to take on, and steal, a Victory Class Star Destroyer. L’zadarma used her family connections, and the sale of all of the Imperial stormtrooper rifles that had obtained, and learned that one was impounded nearby in the Dominus system.
  • The crew remain on Qi’Ibre for a few more days to strip the Imperial Shuttle that was stored on one of the outer moons of the system. The crew uses the shuttle’s hyperdrive to modify the drive on the Star Wanderer, and sell the remaining parts to a illegal parts dealer for a substantial amount.
  • The crew then destroy the remaining parts of the shuttle’s hull, and after failing to locate a suitable cargo to sell to miners on Isleis, head off to their first legitimate paying job.
  • During the trip, L’zadarma and Zax conduct some research into Isleis. They learn that Isleis is a planet that is ravaged by an unexpected war between miners and an alien race that was uncovered, living under the surface of the planet. They learn that the supposed silicon life-form lived under the planet crust. They also learn that several smugglers warn from going to the world, and that the most recent job of offer going to the planet is the one they are on. They also find that two other smugglers have taken the jobs, and both haven’t been seen since.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Atmosphere

  • The ship entered the atmosphere and is immediately buffeted by the ionization storms and high winds. Knowing that their were believed to be hostile lifeforms on the planet, Arcz took the bottom guns, whilst KYN-11TE too the top guns. El-Isara and L’zadarma remained in the cockpit along with their pilot, Zax.
  • As they descended, El-Isara spotted something in the clouds which sent a shiver down her spine, whilst KYN-11TE who also caught sight of them, was momentarily blinded by a flash of lightning. Suddenly two winged creature looking more like locusts than vessels were spotted, with one almost being on top of the ship. KYN-11TE spotted the second coming in from further away.
  • Zax took evasive action, but could not shake the creatures off their tails. As they cleared a pocket of clouds, they saw what pursued them, what looked like some type of hybrid spider humanoid rode atop the creatures. Each were carrying an almost biological lance type apparatus with an antenna rising above into the air. One of the creatures let out a scream, whilst flicking the antenna. This caused one of the lightning bolts to latch onto the antenna, down into the weapon, and with a sicken bolt, blasted onto the ship.
  • Zax thought of the credit it would cost to repair the ship, but as he prepared the ship to take a blast to the hull, he was unpleasantly surprised when L’zadarma informed him that the ship had taken significant ionization damage, and the ship replied with a strained groan.
  • KYN-11TE blasted the fist of the creatures from the sky, and it exploded in a thick black/green goo.
  • Arcz fired his weapon, as Zax forced the ship into a spin. The shot glanced the creature, but it soon recovered and continued to chase the ship.
  • El-Isara, reached out with the Force, thinking that she could somehow manipulate the creature to leave her and her companions alone. Her mind touched the alien creature, revealing to her that the creature was part of a hive mind, full of hatred, and that this creature was not only not of this world, but not of real space. The creature screamed and banked away from the ship. El-Isara slumped in her chair as she lost sight of the creature. She had been told once before of beings who were able to exists in other dimensions, and that the Force was present across each – particularly hyperspace – but where this thing was from puzzled and worried her. It was definitely worth further study.
  • Zax continued on the trajectory to the mining base and soon after arrive at the destination.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Base Station 427 (Exterior)

  • The crew arrive at the processing facility and find it nestles at the end of a canyon between two large rugged mountains. Several smoke stacks rise up next to the facility, and four landing pads adorn the top of the facility. Four turbolaser batteries point down the canyon, but after initially being surprised by the cannons, they realise that they are powered down and inactive.
  • The crew circle the facility whilst L’zadarma scans the facility for signs of life. L’zadarma finds no signs of activity other than a single source contained on the first level, whilst sporadic readings appear on one of the lower levels. Zax meanwhile spots what appears to be a crashed ship scattered across the surface of one of the landing pads. None of the crew are able to determine what caused the crash based on what they could see at a distance.
  • Zax reluctantly lands the ship on a pad closest to the canyon exit, and the other prepare to disembark.
  • Suddenly, clamps latch onto the landing struts of the Star Wanderer, and the entire ship begins lowering into the base via a huge platform. As the ship clears the hatchway, blast doors cover the only exit for the ship, and the platform lowering the ship grinds to a halt in what appears to be a docking bay.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Base Station 427 (Interior – Docking Bay 3)

  • Two large blast doors stand closed across the bay, whilst two loader droids remain motionless nearby to a cargohold full of crates marked with Imperial insignia and the sign for eldissium ore.
  • The crew exited the ship in order to explore the hanger bay. Arcz kept watch whilst KYN-11T and Zax examined the cargo, and L’zadarma and El-Isara examined the control panel to open the cargo bay door.
  • The cargo was confirmed to be the eldissium and also contained a datapad with an extensive manifest. The datapad indicated that the shipment would need to be taken to the Dominus system. Upon arrival, the crew would transmit a signal on a specific frequency and await further instructions.
  • L’zadarma examined the control panel and found that the system had been locked. She attempted to run a bypass, but found that the encryption module was greater than anything she had ever encountered, specifically the code behind it. El-Isara meanwhile reached out with the force and could sense a living being somewhere close by who was best described as frightened. She touched the door and reached out, with no more answers than when she started. She needed to get beyond the wall. She also noticed that the cargo bay was being monitored by security cameras. Subsequently, El-Isara attempted to communicate with their hosts, but to no avail.
  • KYN-11T also examined the cargo droids, but was unable to get any of them to activate. KYN-11T then called for assistance from L’zadarma.
  • Failing to open the door, L’zadarma went to assist KYN-11T with the droids. She too had the same problem with the activation, and even after pulling open the droid’s control panel, still could not get the droid to operate primarily for the same reason as the door – the code was being re-written as she was decrypting it. L’zadarma decided to replace the entire control module, and went aboard the ship to find a temporary solution.
  • Arcz and KYN-11T took a position near the door to monitor the situation in case guests arrived to greet them.
  • L’zadarma affixed the new control module and the droid began to operate successfully. L’zadarma then ordered the droid to begin loading the cargo into the ship, and both L’zadarma and Zax monitored that process.
  • After a few minutes, the cargo bays opened to reveal a squad of antiquated Battle Droids. The droids leveled their blasters at the crew, just as KYN-11T opened fire wiping out all but a few, which allowed Arcz to eliminate the rest.
  • With the door now open, Arcz moved to scout the corridor, and KYN-11T moved across to the door on the other side of the corridor.
  • El-Isara could sense the fear stronger now, and moved across the corridor, following the emotion she could sense. She activated the door which revealed another hanger bay.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Base Station 427 (Interior – Docking Bay 2)

  • The bay contained a beaten up Gallofree Yards Inc GR-45 medium transport. Several droid bodies that had been blasted apart and the remains of a charred humanoid body littered the cargo bay. El-Isara could feel the emotion even stronger now, coming from a series of crates near the door. El-Isara spoke calmly to whomever it was that was hiding, and a moment later, a man in his early 30s with blazing red hair and a horse-shoe mustache, popped out of a crate with a heavy blaster pointed in the direction of the crew.
  • The man explained that he had arrived a few days earlier and that he and his crew were set upon by Battle Droids moments after arriving. Several of his crew were killed, and his friend and co-pilot, a Sullustan named Kinn Moot, was taken away. He claimed that he had hidden himself away to prevent being captured, but had not gathered the courage to leave the crate, in case he met the same fate as his crew.
  • El-Isara assisted the smuggler, whilst KYN-11T relayed what they had found to Zax. Nervous of this newcomer, Zax ordered KYN-11T to keep an eye out for any trouble, and to not lose sight of the smuggler.
  • The crew then left the confines of the hanger bay after the smuggler, who identified himself as Jock McCracken, grabbed some necessary supplies from his ship, the Nimble Pixie.
  • Whilst this is going on, L’zadarma takes a look at one of the blasted apart battle droids left behind in the corridor. L’zadarma find that they are B0 Battle Droids, used by the Trade Federation prior to the Clone Wars. She informs Zax that there would have to be a central control unit somewhere in the facility controlling them. She further establishes that the droid frequency is also linked to the same computer program that works faster than she can slice the system.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Base Station 427 (Interior – Corridor)

  • The crew wait for the cargo to be hauled onto the ship, before proceeding further.
  • In the meantime, Arcz, El-Isara, L’zadarma, KYN-11T and their new companion Jock McCracken, make their way down the corridor towards another blast door.
  • L’zadarma attempts to hack the door, but finds that she is unable to slice the system. Instead, she notices several ventilation shafts that may be able to assist in getting past the door.
  • KYN-11T releases his probe-bot down the corridors to find a further passage.
  • The probe identifies a larger number of Battle Droids assembling on the other side of the door, and a series of workshops. Inside the workshop, the probe provides images of two bodies, one of which appears to be oldest, its body dissected in some type of sick experiment. The other, is a Sullustan, and appears to have been operated on, with the side of its face replaced with cybernetics.



SEASON 1 - Episode 10
Machines of War

Machines of War

The Star Wanderer and its crew have travelled across the Dominus Sector to the isolated world of Isleis. After battling strange alien creatures, and weathering vicious ionisation storms, the crew land at their destination of MINING BASE 427.

Before long they find themselves trapped in the depths of the processing plant where they find more than they bargained for when attacked by antiquated battle droids controlled by an unknown force.

Accompanied by their new associate, the smuggler JOCK McCRACKEN, and using little more than their wits, the crew venture further into the heart of the complex in search of what is controlling the droids. What they find however, may change their fates forever....

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 3


SCENE: Starfield
The deepness of space. The camera pans down to a blue grey planet. Flashes of blue green lightning scatter about the surface, a turbulent dust storm clearly covering most of the planet. Suddenly an Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle flies overhead, making its way towards the planet.

CUT TO: Shuttle Interior (Bridge)
An Imperial Pilot and Co-pilot monitor their workstation. An Imperial Captain in combat gear approaches the controls. Troopers can be seen behind the Captain readying weapons and equipment.

CUT TO: Shuttle Exterior
The ship flies past the camera, as the camera tracks the vessel entering the planet’s atmosphere.

CUT TO: Planet Isleis – Mining Base 427 (Interior)



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