The Dark Master

Evil Quarren Dark Side Adept


The Quarren was first encountered by El-Isara Vesri while on Solay when she first touched the Golden Arcadium as she tried to learn more about the statue.

In the vision, El-Isara saw a deep cavern somewhere on Solay which was bathed in a red light from an open pit of lava. A natural platform rose over the lava pit, and at its centre was a pedestal with what could only be described as a red version of the Golden Arcadium sitting atop it. The statue was being guarded by a black robed Quarren with orange and crimson eyes, with deep red and black tattoos covering his face.

The Quarren turned to look directly at El-Isara as though he could see her intrusion. He immediately touched the red statue that he was protecting, and cause a wave of dark energy feedback to channel into El-Isara.


The Dark Master

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