Zax Wettega

As at Book 1 - Episode 1


Species: Human (Male)
Specialisations: Smuggler (Pilot)


Skills: Astrogation 1, Deception 2, Mechanics 1, Knowledge (Underworld) 1, Perception 1, Piloting (Planetary) 2, Piloting (Space) 3, Skulduggery 2, Stealth 1, Streetwise 1, Vigilance 1.
Talents: Full Throttle, Galaxy Mapper 2, Let’s Ride, Skilled Jockey 2.
Equipment: Hold Out Blaster, Armoured Clothing, Comlink, Synthskin (x3), Stimpak (x3), Datapad, Medpac.

Dutybound (10)
Zax has been a slave of the Hutts for many years, passed from one to the other as a piece of property. Zax is often called upon to do something else for his masters, which usually almost gets him killed.

Ambition (Freedom)
Zax aims to get away from the Hutts whenever possible. How he intends to do this is anyone’s guess, but the closer people get to him, the more they learn that what he has planned, is not for the feint of heart.
Cause (Emancipation)
Having been a slave most of his life, Zax will go out of his way to help those in similar circumstances, and has been known to go that extra mile when a job requires him to free slaves.

Down and Out
Zax has had little to look forward to in his life. His father was a drunk and gambler, and had sold him into slavery to pay off debts. Now indentured to the Hutts, Zax has been now formally introduced to his “master”, Treska the Hutt.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Zax would probably prefer a run of the mill job, in a small cubicle in downtown Dornea. Instead, Zax has been thrown into a life of action and adventure by being a courier and sometime smuggler for the Hutts.


Zax and his family lived in the Outer Rim moving from planet to planet for so long, he cant even remember what planet he originally came from. All that Zax can remember is that they were always poor and lived by any means necessary. He can still remember the face of the Trandoshan that came and took him away. This Trandoshan would often come and collect credits from his father – a debt from a faceless gangster, and one that was long overdue. It was due to this debt that the Trandoshan told Zax’s father that he could wait no longer and that his son, Zax, would be sufficient to settle the payment to the Hutt Crimelord that he owed a small fortune to. Zax was 10 at the time, and that moment, as he was carried away crying, was the last time he saw his family. Zax was soon to learn the ways of a new life; a life of cruelty, pain, and suffering – a life as a slave.

Zax spent the next few years acting as a runner and scout/lookout for various owners he had. Most of the time he was exchanged as credit in various gambling dens. Eventually he found his way into the ownership of a smuggler named Maxir Braven. It was here, under the guidance of Matiir, or Mat to his friends, that Zax gained a desire to be a space pilot himself one day. Zax dreamed of being able to fly away from his lot in life, perhaps back home, or perhaps just away from ever horrible thing that had ever happened to him. During this period, Zax learned the basics of starship control and maintenance, and how best to get the cargo to its specified destination, mostly in one piece. Zax would often act as either a decoy or helped move the “real” cargo while someone else delayed the inspectors.

Matiir later also fell on hard times, and more often than not, Zax would be the one doing the deals, buying and selling the cargo, and getting them out, their ship and their cargo the hell out of system, when things got a little hot. Matiir was a drinker – Corellian Whiskey mostly, but whatever got the job done.

One one occasion, Zax and Matiir had travelled to the Tapani Sector on a smuggling run – a shipment of Booster Blue if his memory served correctly. After the deal was done, and things started to cool down, Matiir hit the bottle, and gave the young pilot the night off to hit the town. It had been forever since Zax was allowed out on his own to do as “he” wanted. So with a few hundred credits he swindled from Matiir, the young man ventured into the nightclub districts to try his luck.

As the night progressed, things were going smoothly. Zax even made it into a high stakes game of sabacc, during which he befriended another young man named Arcz Blakeney. Things got heated when one of the players, a Herglic smuggler named Kufbruck caught another player, a Sullustan diplomat named Sien Ning, cheating. The disagreement turned into a barroom brawl, and both Zax and Arcz found themselves in the thick of it. The two decided to help each other out, and before the authorities arrived, they both took the opportunity to flee. Arcz’s familiarity with the local lay of the land helped, and no sooner were they fleeing the melee, were they back at Zax’s ship. The two then caught up whenever Zax was back in town, and became good friends. It also helped that Arcz was able to steer some business Zax’s way, which kept him in good stead with both his master and his master’s employers.

Eventually, time wore on, and after many a poor deal, Zax found that Matiir had turned into nothing but a drunk. Eventually, Matiir became ill, but not before imparting everything that he knew to the young pilot. Soon after his 18th birthday, Zax was taken to a palace on the planet of Qi’Ibire. Here, Zax learned that he had never been “owed” by Matiir, but had been given over to him so that his true master had yet another pilot to add to their roster in order to complete their “deliveries”. Zax was soon after introduced to his true “owner”, an individual who he had met before, and one who had been behind most of jobs they had run – Treska the Hutt.

This was obviously news to Zax. He had known that his father owed money to a Hutt, but never suspected it was this one. As Zax came face to face with the disgusting gangster, Matiir shoved the young man in the back, forcing him forward on onto his knees in front of the Hutt. "He should be ready now,” was all the drunken pilot said. Its here that Treska’s translator droid informed him that he was going to be piloting for the organisation and that failure was not an option. Zax would never forget the words utter by the creature, “Disappointment is not an option. Loyalty is.” Zax was soon after given a “tour of the facilities”, and learned of the bomb that at some point had been placed inside his chest, and that failure to obey would result in his death – or worse. Later, Zax would be given control of an old YT-1000 called the “Wandering Star”. Gradually, Zax made some modifications to the “old bird”, but they were few and far between, primarily due to his lack of cash, since most of what he earned went straight back to the Hutt.

Zax, considering what he has been through, is a free spirit when he wants, and has been known to travel to unusual places to make a steady credit. Recently, he happened upon a derelict crafty drifting on the edge of the event horizon in the Ackdoon Singularity. There, he located a battered but intact droid in stasis. Since then, Zax has befriended the droid and taken him on as his first crew member.

KYN-11T, or Kyanite as he prefers to be called, has become a somewhat usual but valued companion – primarily because he has managed to pull Zax out of quite a few scraps since they first met. Its even been quite useful when it comes to lifting crates around the ship during load-time.

Along the way, Zax has continued to run into Arcz from time to time, but recently, Arcz came to him begging to help, claiming to be being chased by Assassins wanting to kidnap him, and ransom him back to his family back in the Tapani Sector. Arcz reminded Zax of the jobs he had swindled for him, and the fun that had together. Zax knew he couldn’t let Arcz fend for himself, and so agree to help, but only if he started working for him. The two have been working together ever since, even though Kyanite has warned him against it.

Zax has noticed though that Arcz has been trying to keep things afloat by at least trying to snag lucrative deals and profitable cargoes. The best so far however has been getting a Twi’lek mechanic named (PC) L’zadarma D’bro to join his crew. The girl is sharp, and is so far keeping the “Star” operating at the best he has ever seen it fly.

Zax Wettega

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