Zeon Losal

Human (Female) - Black Marketeer and Former Con Artist


Zeon Losal is a former Con Artist and swindler who caught the eye of a passing founding member of the Zann Consortium. Zeon is a wealthy young woman, short in statue, but well versed in the art of negotiation and underhanded deals. Recently, Zeon has been tasked with moving as much of the RYL-X as possible, as task that she quickly started working towards, which included building up several contacts across the sector.

Currently, Zeon is scouting for smugglers interested in moving shipments of the cut-down RYL-X, but has found herself out of her depth, when she was also placed in charge of a small operation in the outskirts of Qi’Ilbre’s capital, tasked with breaking down and finding the formula for the RYL-X compound.

Near panicking, she was over-joyed when representatives of one of the Hutt Clans contacted her to work collaboratively. What she did not realise was that these representatives were the crew of the Star Wanderer, one of whom, namely KYN-11T, was under the assumption that Treska the Hutt, the leader of the Hutt clans on Qi’Ilbre, wanted the resources of the Zann Consortium for herself.


Zeon Losal

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