Droma Kruge

Weapons Dealer


A burly former Clone who has, since leaving the military, become involved in the weapons trade. His business is fairly legit, assisting with coordinating weaponry for security forces throughout the sector, but his liking of fine tattoos, and strong exotic drink often gets him involved in gun smuggling to the point that he has become a acquirer of illegal permits and hard to find weapons. Consequently, he is always short of credits.

Although he looks more like a clone that he realises, he has adopted a more Outer Rim accent and has given himself a trademark of sorts – dyed red hair. Droma is a likable sort, but has certainly lost the loyalty that he and his former clones displayed during the Clone Wars.

On at least four occasions he has hunted down weapons smuggling partners who have double crossed him, getting his cash, the weapons and killing the offending parties. This has normally made him enemies, and on the last occasion, one of his enemies set a trap. Fortunately, Tyrell was also there at that time, and somehow became embroiled in the affair – more than likely due to having a similar appearance to Dromo. Tyrell was mistakenly attacked by gun-runners and inadvertently provided Dromo with backup when he returned fire.

Dromo and Tyrell soon formed a wry alliance and have been catching up to assist each other ever since.

Dromo is married to a local Solay girl named Aleece whom Dromo would lay down his life for.


Droma Kruge

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