Jagged "Double 8's" Grighte

Information Broker


Jagged Grighte, also known as “Unlucky Eights” or “Double 8’s” is a rare clone who retired due to injuries. “Eights” is still “in the know” and works his wares in the back alley’s of Te’Aatorus. He lost an arm and a leg to an explosion, and consequently caught a rare recurring brain parasite that causes seizures. The man is riddled with shrapnel and there are supposedly verified claims he is somehow haunted.

The bad effect on morale, cost of keeping him operational and his lack of enthusiasm having given his all after coming back from the brink of death on several occasions, caused him to be discharged with a small pension that he collected for a time in exchange for keeping himself scarce, and a contact for the Republic. This allowed him to build a small reputation as an Infomerchant, and has served as a substantial income supplement. However, when Order 66 was issued, he found himself unaffected – in fact, he didn’t even know what had happened until Tyrel barreled into his office closely followed by Imperials. After Tyrel, his young ward El-Isara and “Eights” managed to escape, “Eights” delved deeper in the galactic underbelly to continue his sale of information full time.

Since then, “Eights” has set up his business on Ord Soquor, where business is good, and is located far enough away from the prying eyes of the Empire to allow him to conduct business without looking over his shoulder. Tyrel has run errands for him to obtain medical supplies and other “required assets”, and can often pop in just to listen to the old clone ramble on about the current state of the galaxy.


Jagged "Double 8's" Grighte

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