Crom Mitra

CEO of Mitra World Starship Repairs Inc


Crom Mitra is one of the youngest CEOs in the Outer Rim, having 100% control over the shares with Mitra World Starship Repairs Inc. Crom was no stranger to hard work having been a valedictorian at a prestigious university in the Tapani Sector. It was there that he made friends with Arcz Blakeney and Ysa Bella.

In a recent interview on HoloStar Weekly, Crom claimed that his family started in humble beginnings with a small repair facility on Lekaz. As the quality of his father’s work became know, so did profits. Within a short period, Crom’s father owned string of starship repair facilities throughout the Outer Rim. Eventually, his father reired from the repair business, and formed Mitra World Starship Repairs Inc, with its head quarters based on Dominus.

Crom’s father passed away a few years back when Separatist forces attacked a city he was visiting. Since then, Crom, who had been working alongside his father and his Operations Manager, was given the reigns of the company.

Crom has a vast amount of wealth at his disposal, and is well connected with Imperial dignitaries and officers. Crom is also a socialite, and can often be seen on the cover of Galaxy Magazine, Parsecs Illustrated. Last year, he was nominated as #12 in the top 100 bachelors within the Outer Rim, and hopes to move into the top 10 by the time the next round of nominations rolls around.


Crom Mitra

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