STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 8

Crisis in the Clouds


Crisis in the Clouds

After the departure of the Star Wanderer and its crew, TRESKA THE HUTT has wasted no time focusing her efforts on dominating the spice trade in the Sector by arranging for her newly acquired shipment of RYL-X to be distributed.

Meanwhile, triumphant from their successful deception of the Hutt, Zax Wettega and his crew have returned to Lekaz to rendezvous with their ship and plan their next move to shift from under the crimelord’s ominous shadow.

Upon arrival however, Zax and his crew are shocked to find the floating city of Oasis in lock-down with investigators from the Imperial Destroyer SILENT WATCHER interrogating any new arrivals....

DESTINY POOL: Light 7 / Dark 4



I can’t believe I walked out of that room.

When that missile exploded right above me and scythed down those guards I thought I was done for. But I seem to be tougher than I realised.

Then as I charged that group of battle droids I thought this is it! And then they were in pieces all around me.

Then I was ensnared in that net and that massive Black Sun assassin droid was standing over me and I knew my time had come. Then I was up in the air ducts that run through the ceiling.

(Not really sure how that happened to tell the truth but I am guessing I have El-Isara to thank. The red haze makes it hard to tell what is happening at times. It also seems to drive me to reckless acts.)

Then I jumped out of the ceiling, landed on the BS droid and drove my rapier into something vital. He went down and I made sure he stayed down.

I wonder if Kyanite will want the head as a decoration for his room?

SEASON 2 - Episode 8

Love the styling of your adventure logs!


SEASON 2 - Episode 8

Who would have thought a highly advanced IA program could established a connection to the outside world through the droids. Not me !!!

SEASON 2 - Episode 8

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