STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 7

Missing Pieces (Part II)


Missing Pieces (Part II)

The Empire has suffered a critical loss with shipments of the rare substance known as RYL-X being stolen in daring raids across the sector, an act which has halted a secret operation being conducted deep within Imperial strongholds.

Systems have been subjugated in an attempt to locate the stolen cargoes, civil unrest and rebellion is now on the rise, and the criminal organisations of BLACK SUN and THE ZANN CONSORTIUM continue their attempts to replicate the drug.

Meanwhile, TRESKA THE HUTT has sent the crew of the Star Wanderer to steal the formula from her rivals, a task that has revealed the whereabouts of a noted professor believed to know not only the formula, but the origin of the substance itself....

DESTINY POOL: Light 6 / Dark 2



RYL-X can be used to give people the ability to use the Force? Am I understanding all this info correctly? It seems so unbelievable. But I need to know more. How many doses do you need to take to be able to use the Force? Is it permanent or do you need to keep taking the stuff? If you stop taking it then how long do your Force abilities last? What would happen if a Jedi took some? How do you make it? Can I make it? What would happen to me if I used some?

I’m not the most scholarly or scientific person around but I need to find some answers to these questions and I need to find them soon. My curiosity is driving me in dangerous directions.

And I have two vials of the stuff………

SEASON 2 - Episode 7

Treska’s offer based on delivery of the RYL-X has been computed as too costly.

Reject Treska’s offer outright. conceal the location and identities of the RYL-X scientists from Treska.

Locate the chief Scientist and assess usability.

Find another means of altering physical form to reduce the threat of Imperial discovery.
The lead scientist could have valuable information that could assist in this.

SEASON 2 - Episode 7


Give Arcz RYL-X.

Record results.


SEASON 2 - Episode 7

Love the styling of your adventure logs!


SEASON 2 - Episode 7

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