STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 6

Missing Pieces (Part I)


Missing Pieces (Part I)

Highly secretive Imperial shipments have been stolen across the sector by local crime gangs and terrorists, with their contents being sold to crimelords who aim to corner the drug market in the Dominus Sector.

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has responded by doubling their forces along the sector trade routes, and blockading several systems to slow down smuggling, and flush out the offenders responsible for these thefts.

Zax Wettega and his associates have arrived at the Hutt controlled world of Qi’Ilbre to deliver one of these cargoes after clearing the local Imperial Database of their ship’s indiscretions. Now armed with their own sample of the drug RYL-X, the crew search for answers....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 4


  • El-Isara approaches Cadence for assistance with her training. Cadence reveals that, although well trained, she is not a master of the Type V Lightsavber Form of the Shien, but does have access to a holocron which may be able to assist. El-Isara is monitored closely, and her access to the artifact is restricted by her new mentor. The holocron is ‘occupied’ by Jedi Master Korsid Ncreen, a Sullustan Jedi who created the holocron 200 years ago. From the holocron, El-Isara learns further techniques including the ability to throw a lightsaber and improvements to her skills in reflecting blasters.
  • Meanwhile, the crew of the Star Wanderer look at their finances, and realise that they are going backwards moreso than forwards, and best find work. Arcz and Zax hit the street in order to find a suitable place to arrange a cargo after learning that their next stop would be Lekaz, the current location of the Star Wanderer.
  • In their absence, KYN-11T asks for an audience with Treska the Hutt which is granted. The droid requests of the Hutt that she provide him with “upgrades” if he is to keep working for her. Treska demands tribute in the form of more RYL-X, and when the droid asked how much the Hutts needs, Treska only responded with, “As much as you can find”. When asked, would that be enough to receive upgrades, Treska responds with, “If you can find me more of the drug, then I will consider a more permanent solution to your needs”.
  • KYN-11T also learns from Treska that a new organisation, the Zann Consortium, is attempting to make inroads within the drug trade on Qi’Ilbre and in the Dominus Sector as a whole. The organisation appears to be looking for sponsors, and has already gained some support from several criminal elements. Rumours persist that the Zann Consortium have stumbled upon the method of replicating RYL-X, and she suspects that meeting with them may suit her needs.
  • KYN-11T then returned to the crew aboard the D’Bro Shipping vessel to explain what he had learned.
  • Shortly after, El-Isara returns from spending time with Cadence and asks L’zadarma to examine her lingering injuries that seemed to plague her during her training. Whilst waiting for Arcz and Zax to return, L’zadarma makes quick work of the treatment of El-Isara‘s injuries, taking full advantage of a well-stocked medical bay aboard her family’s vessel.
  • Arcz and Zax later return, claiming to have found a person who may be able to assist them. The two inform the crew that they had agreed to a meeting to discuss terms of a shipping run with a human female named Zeon Losal. El-Isara claims to have heard the name before, and after some digging, recognises her as a former con artist and black marketeer, but did not know that she was now associated with the Zann Consortium. El-Isara confirmed that the Zann Consortium was a fairly new player on the galactic scene, and was led by a man named Kyber Zann.
  • Arcz did some digging of his own and found that Zeon had a fondness of the rare Veludo orchid, native to Karkaris. Arcz immediately ordered one, and enroute to their meeting, collected his order in a finely crafted containment jar.
  • Later, the crew leave and meet Zeon Losal at a rundown cantina called the Skeeters Cabaret and Grill.
  • Zeon was flanked by two well-conditioned Aqualish bodyguards, a glint of cybernetics jutted from their jackets. The woman was very short in statue as she stood upon the crew’s approach, her thin frame showing that her skill was not of the martial variety, but based on her cunning and wit.
  • Zeon offered the crew a seat and opened negotiations, explaining that she needed a large shipment of a drug moved off world. The heroes agreed and through further negotiations and small talk, Zeon revealed that she was a new associate of the Zann Consortium. Arcz managed to charm the women which opened the negotiations to be more of a cordial affair, with Zeon agreeing to meet with Treska, an opportunity she was obviously look for, in order to make a more permanent arrangement. Arcz could tell however, that Zeon was fearful as though she was afraid of the outcome. She was clearly hiding something.
  • Arrangements were then made for Zeon to visit Treska at her sky palace.
  • The crew were present during the negotiations between Treska and Zeon. The conversation went for some time, allowing the crew to watch the Hutt’s skills at play. It had been the first time that El-Isara had been in the same room as the Hutt whilst she was negotiating. El-Isara was astounded at the Hutt’s ability to lie – something that somehow, she was able to see through. El-Isara saw that she had complete contempt for the young woman, something that seemed to allude Zeon. El-Isara listened intently, and realised that the Hutt was in actual fact threatening the young woman, to the point that she was threatening her. El-Isara sensed that Zeon’s life was in danger, not just the existence of the organisation that she represented.
  • Treska somehow managed to make Zeon at ease, and convinced her to allow her envoy to view the production facility. El-Isara and knew it was coming – Treska was about to throw the crew under the metaphoric speeder. The way the Hutt spoke, El-Isara and the others could tell, if there was ever any doubt, that the Hutt could care less if the crew made it back or not. El-Isara took note, that Cadence knew, and that she too was not happy.
  • The crew agreed to Treska’s request, with Cadence confirming to El-Isara to watch her back. The crew then travelled to the facility with Zeon and her entourage of Aqualish guards
  • Upon arrival, the crew were taken to an abandoned research building on the outskirts of Qi’Ilbre main capital. The middle floor of the 10 storey facility had been converted into a fully hermetically sealed laboratory with walkways and offices. The crew were introduced to a female Chadra Fan scientist named Yaq Aquee. Yaq explained the process to the crew, and as she does so, Arcz engages Zeon in conversation.
  • With Zeon engaged, the crew are left to have a closer look at the facility. During their tour, KYN-11T notices two crates of RYL-X, hidden away, partially out of site; L’zadarma learns through her own observations that the facility appears to be lacking a lead scientist to coordinate the production and that their activities appear to more experimentation and research which indicates that they are not close to replicating the formula as Zeon had claimed. El-Isara noticed that the scientists each wore what appeared to be a discrete tracking device strapped to lower part of their legs. When she communicated her observations to L’zadarma, she confirmed that the device is a modified slave collar with a transceiver cone, and explosive attachment.
  • Yaq pulled one of the crew aside, and explained that they had no ability to reproduce the drug, but they were close. She explains that her husband, Professor Luctas Naz, was close to replicating the formula, but was taken away by Zann Consortium heavies. She claimed that she was being forced to work for the Zann Consortium as are her staff.
  • During the conversation with Arcz, Zeon revealed the location of where the majority of their research was being conducted, namely an abandoned medical facility located somewhere near the Dark Nebula. As the words passed her mouth, Zeon realised that Arcz’s intent was to extract information from her. Suddenly, blood drained from the young woman’s face. She was certain to be disciplined for this transgression, if not killed. She immediately asked the crew to leave, and although El-Isara felt concerned about leaving the indentured scientists to the mercy of the Zann Consortium, she and the crew left amicably.
  • The crew returned to the speeder that they came in, and begun their journey back to Treska’s palace. The crew discussed their position, and KYN-11T decided that Treska would want the scientists for herself and the Zann Consortium representative eliminated.
  • L’zadarma spoke up, stating that she recognised the device attached to the scientists, and confirmed that she believed she knew how to deactivate the devices remotely. She also stated that the receivers were short range, and that in order to deactivate them, they would need to transmit the frequency within the building.
  • El-Isara and Zax both expressed their desire to rescue the scientists, while Arcz indicated a desire to also save Zeon, as he believed that she too was being coerced by the Zann Consortium to do their bidding.
  • As they were leaving in the speeder, KYN-11T left a remote behind to keep the area under observation whilst the crew planned their next move.
  • Later that evening, the crew decided to infiltrate the facility, with Arcz going in through the roof, and the others through the basement.
  • Arcz, using his superior acrobatics, jumped between buildings and landed on the roof. A speeder was seen arriving earlier with a group of 6 aqualish thugs. Two of the thugs remained at the ship keeping guard, and Arcz was keen to not get their attention. Whilst sneaking up, a vent from the ship released hot steam causing the two guards to look in Arcz direction. Arcz was stunned for the moment, but pretended to be one of the other guards. One of the guards approached him, ordering him to get back to work. As the guard approached, Arcz reached for his blade breaker, and attacked.
  • Meanwhile, the other crew members made their way into the building, and did not appear to be detected. The building was found to be little more than an empty shell, and the reinforced girders of the hidden lab could be seen for the lower ground floor. The crew decided the best way up was through the turbolift shaft, and soon after all began their ascent.
  • L’zadarma and KYN-11T had the greatest difficulty climbing, whilst El-Isara and Zax moved up the shaft with ease. El-Isara reached the level first, and realised that a turbolift stood in their way.
  • On the roof, Arcz had engaged the guards and for a moment, found things challenging when he was hit by one of the guard’s blaster carbines. A moment later however, things got worse, when one of the guards triggered an alarm.
  • El-Isara was the first to hear the boots on the turbolift floor. Suddenly through their comlinks, KYN-11T said, stand back. Suddenly a burst of blaster-fire from the ground floor spewed forth, slamming into the floor of the turbolift. When the dust settled, alarms began sounding, and the remains of the guards who had entered the turbolift dripped from above. The lift activated and moved to the top level.
  • El-Isara forced open the doors with the force, and jumped into the corridor. As she did so, 4 more of the guards rounded the corner, their blasters drawn.
  • On the roof, Arcz has felled one of the guards, and soon after made quick work of the other with the virbo-knife of the first fallen guard. Arcz was astounded, as the guard’s body rolled on its side, and revealed Arcz’s favourite vibro-rapier that he had lost on Haenat several days before. “How did you end up here?” he muttered.
  • Arcz donned the blade and quickly made his way to the rooftop turbolift. Suddenly the door swished open, revealing the remains of the two guards, and a gaping hole in the floor.
  • Inside the corridor, El-Isara threw her lightsabre at the guards, slicing several of them in half. The lightsaber clattered on the ground behind them, and El-Isara took cover behind a vending machine.
  • The guards opened fire, however El-Isara remained safe.
  • Zax attempted to move into the corridor, but most his footing on the way in. L’zadarma tried the same, but missed completely. As she began to fall, KYN-11T jumped up and caught the young Tw’lek. Grabbing both her and Zax, KYN-11T entered the doorway of the shaft and prepared his new toy, the E-Web.
  • El-Isara reached out with the force and brought her lightsaber to her, igniting it as it reached her hand.
  • The guards opened fire once more, and although a majority of the blast was absorbed by her lightsaber, the concussion of the bolt force her back, and blasted her in her saber hand. El-Isara screamed out, dropping her weapon and the pain caused her to slump behind the vending machine.
  • KYN-11T told L’zadarma and Zax to hold onto the turbolift shaft, and the massive droid stepped through the doorway. The droid levelled the E-Web at the guards and no sooner has he locked onto each of the targets, a hail of blaster fire rocketed down the corridor. As the smoke cleared, the remaining guards lay dead, still clutching their blasters.
  • Zax and L’zadarma stepped into the corridor, with L’zadarma bending down to check on the young Padawan’s arm. It was clear within moments that her injuries would need treatment.
  • The turbo lift soon after arrived, and Arcz stepped out, avoiding the hole as he did so.
  • The scientists were nowhere to be seen, and an alarm had been activated. It was not over yet.


Treska the Hutt is a threat to the Prime Directive!
Treska the Hutt wants the RYL-X.
The Zann Consortium has the RYL-X. – Appropriated.
Treska the Hutt does NOT want to join with the Consortium despite saying she does.
Treska the Hutt wants the Consortium out of the picture – this is valuable to Treska – Partially eliminated on this planet

Treska the Hutt can no longer be trusted to ensure the Prime Directive is safe.
Treska must be dealt with, with extreme cunning. The group must work as one to overcome Treska’s influence.

Treska the Hutt must be eliminated.

SEASON 2 - Episode 6

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