STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 13

Children of the Ocean


Children of the Ocean

Captured! ZAX WETTEGA and KYN-11T are trapped aboard the Imperial Research Facility and must now face the wrath of Imperial Inquisitor ANIA SEBRI. Their only hope is that their friends will return quickly to rescue them with the aid of Solanus’ sentient ocean.

Fleeing the facility, a sense of hopelessness has overcome the young Jedi EL-ISARA VESRI, as she is forced to choose between her captured friends and the urgent search for a hidden Jedi Temple.

Unfortunately whilst the GALACTIC EMPIRE searches for the escapees, the power levels at the facility have begun to fluctuate, which places the survival of the base’s occupants, including the Jedi’s friends, in jeopardy....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: El-Isara Vesri (The Force)
DESTINY POOL: Light 2 / Dark 4

SCENE: The Deepness of Space

PAN DOWN: The world of Solanus. Lightning strikes and turbulent storm clouds can be seen from orbit. A Star Destoyer then comes into frame looming overhead, it mass gradually filling the frame.

CUT-TO: The interior of the Star Destroyer. The Captain of the vessel stands next to a junior officer as they face a static filled hologram of an image of Inquisitor Sebri. Sebri appears to be attended to by medical droids and personnel.

Inquisitor Sebri: No Captain. They are alive. I witnessed their escape in an Imperial Shuttle.
Captain Deen: Inquisitor we have lost several ships already in the search. There is not a chance that a single shuttle could have survived the weather which is covering the planet.
Inquisitor Sebri: I really do not care about your losses Captain. Send every ship available until they are found.
Captain Deen: Yes Inquisitor. In other news we have located a vessel under the water. We have been attempting to locate it, but the weather is hampering our efforts.
Inquisitor Sebri: What! I don’t care what the cost Captain, I want that ship!

CUT-TO: Interior of an Imperial shuttle.


Well that has been an educational experience. One that I am not willing to repeat in a hurry I might add. Still, talking to El-Isara about everything that has been going on has been enlightening to say the least. Sentient planets, an ancient Jedi Temple, the planet being corrupted so it destroyed itself and she has made a sweet, new crystal lightsaber. I don’t think I understand half of what she said to be honest but I feel as if I may have learnt something.

In a way I envy El-Isara the power she has but at the same time I am glad that I don’t have it. The extra baggage it brings with it is rather more than I would care to deal with. That won’t stop me from helping her with dealing with whatever comes her way. Not that I think she needs help but sometimes an extra pair of hands can make life that little bit easier.

Now we need to head back to Nebula Base and regroup. Zax and Kyanite are still missing but L’zadarma says she spoke to Zax during the fight at the drill. He was on a higher level than we were so hopefully he made it to a ship before the planet blew itself up. I guess Kyanite was with him because given how injured he was I can’t see him escaping and fighting his way out on his own but even on his last legs he would be able to pilot his way out that gundark nest we just left. Heck with his skills they will probably be waiting for us back at the base!

SEASON 2 - Episode 13

Mental Musings of Arargu Nargari whilst tending to the injured pilot on board the now empty imperial freighter currently docked with an imperial star destroyer escaping in hyperspace from the exploding planet.

What a complete balls up!

Who the hell are these clowns?

Who frontal attacks an imperial high secret military research base with just three people.

I am not sure whether that was all balls or incredible stupidity, I guess if they got off planet it was the former.

Ill admit the distraction was helpful, despite loosing me the opportunity to eliminate my target. Perhaps the client will be satisfied the entire operation is now non existent.

They blew the planet up……………. who does that.

This pilot i found is pretty damn good, despite him being near death, and he is part of the group that attacked the base, i guess that lends further credence to the Balls than the stupidity aspect.

Should have known the scientist would have a personal force shield, damn him, but he still felt my blade before he could turn it on.

I am sure he escaped, well if the client is not happy with the mission outcome, my mission continues.

I must make contact with the sisters, update them and request further instructions. At least the sisterhood was not exposed. having said that I have to get off this imperial ship though. I guess the pilot is needed again.

SEASON 2 - Episode 13

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