STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 12

Oceans of Destiny


Ocean of Destiny

Armed with information concerning the illicit drug RYL-X, the crew of the Star Wanderer make a dash across the sector to the alien world of Solanus to learn more about the Empire’s plan for the planet’s crystals.

Upon arrival, the crew discover a heavily fortified system, causing them to enter the system subversively – an action which results in the ship crashing into the watery depths of the planet’s sentient ocean.

The crew are soon contacted by the ocean’s consciousness which pleads that they help destroy an Imperial device damaging the planet. While the crew make their way to the facility, L’ZADARAMA D’BRO arrives to deliver grave news to the crew, only to herself be captured by the Empire....

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 4


  • The group attempts to sneak into the base but are discovered when L’zadarma is delivered to the base by none other than Inquisitor Ania Sebri.
  • El-Isara Vesri comes face to face with her former master.
  • During the battle, the Inquisitor is severely wounded by KYN-11T, and El-Isara Vesri loses her lightsaber.
  • Zax Wettega is injured and remains in the Imperial speeder truck.
  • When KYN-11T attempts to rescue Zax, he is shut down by his creator.
  • Desperate, El-Isara calls out to the ocean for help.
  • The Ocean responds by sending several tsunamis at the base.
  • The base activates its shields which for the time being, protects it from the Ocean’s assault.
  • Arcz, El-Isara and L’zadarma escape aboard a stolen Imperial shuttle, leaving Zax and KYN-11T to be tortured.
  • El-Isara Vesri now desperately searches for a hidden Jedi Temple believed to be on Solanus.


Four Stormtroopers and it took me forever to take down three of them. I am better than that! Mind you it was the sort of day where everything seemed to go wrong. In fact it all started when that shuttle landed and El-Isara’s old master comes walking down the boarding ramp with L’Zadarma. L’Zadarma who we thought was safely back at our new base.

El-Isara was magnificent! She went toe to toe with her old teacher and, with a bit of help from Kyanite, appeared to be gaining the upper hand. I wonder if I could have been the tipping point? Maybe if the speeder I used to rescue L’Zadarma hadn’t been shot out from under me.

Her old master’s experience began to tell and we were forced to flee when the ocean intervened. Zax had been gunned down and Kyanite raced to be with his, well, I’ll say friend but I don’t really know if that is the word Kyanite would use, and he and Zax were captured by the Empire.

Myself, L’Zadarma and El-Isara escaped in a stolen Imperial Shuttle (you think the Empire would install better security on these things!) and headed out over the ocean.

We will return to free our friends or die trying!

SEASON 2 - Episode 12


SEASON 2 - Episode 12

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