STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 11

What Lies Ahead


What Lies Ahead

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has achieved victory against rebel terrorists, with MOFF VORPAIN announcing the successful execution of PROJECT REBIRTH and the return of Republic Clone Troops to help maintain order.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Star Wanderer have rescued a scientist held hostage on a long forgotten space station who has learned that the RYL-X compound contains a rare element, specifically that of a crystal from the Solanus system.

Whilst L’zadarma prepares the station as the new headquarters of the D’Bro Shipping Corporation, Zax Wettega and the rest of the crew set out to learn about the Imperial base on Solanus, and about the origin of the crystal....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 5


ARCZ: I have no idea what is going on right now. The whole plan was to come to Solanus to see what the Imperials were up to and now we are stuck on the planet and everyone has gone totally nerf herding crazy. Seriously, the rest of the team is acting like they are out the back of a cantina injecting spice into their eyeablls. They are 11 Tie Fighters short of a squadron. Even the droid!

Kyanite is talking mystic mumbo jumbo to everyone. That’s normally El-Isara’s job but apparently everyone is taking turns today. Zax must be especially loopy because he started trying to eat some of this coloured sand and then apparently he “asked” the ocean if he could keep some of the bigger lumps he found. Then he and El-Isara started talking about corruption……of the sand!

Or something like that, some of the finer details may have escaped me.

Apparently there is a drill we need to take out because it is hurting the planet (Okay smile and nod and humour the crazy people) and there is an Imperial Base which has a ship we are going to steal (Hey it’s what we do) but beyond that? It’s all Shyriiwook to me.

I’m just glad L’zadarma isn’t here to see what we did to “her” ship……

SEASON 2 - Episode 11

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