STAR WARS: The Darkness Saga

SEASON 2 - Episode 10

Hidden Corruption


Hidden Corruption

Imperial Operatives have recovered a stolen shipment of rare ores from representatives of the Mining Guilds allowing the Empire to continue their advancement of PROJECT RE-BIRTH.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Star Wanderer have travelled to a long forgotten space station to rescue a potential ally who may be able to solve the mysteries surrounding the narcotic known as RYL-X.

Things may not be as it seems however, for upon arrival at the derelict Medical Facility, both Jedi Padawan El-Isara Vesri and the newly awakened Zax Wetegga sense an incredible disturbance in the force deep within the station....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Arcz Blakeney (Renowned)
DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 3


Well that was a rather unpleasant experience. The next time someone produces a thermal detonator I will be running in the direction of away at top speed. I mean there was nothing left of those drug mutated monkeys when that little ball of BOOM went off.

Still I wouldn’t have been too upset if we’d had a second one to hand off to that mutated clone. He was massive! El-Isara threw her lightsaber into it’s face and it still kept on coming.

I must remind El that she needs to work on the catching part of her lightsaber throw. Perhaps work out a way to have it turn off when it is coming back at her. Oh well this is a former medical base so we might be able to get something up and running to help patch her up.

Fortunately I had El with me otherwise I don’t think I would be recording these thoughts. If she hadn’t softened the beast up for me I don’t think anything I did would have mattered much. With her grievously injuring it and then attracting its ire I was able to get in close and deliver a coup de grace before it had time to think. If it could still think that is. That RYL-X messed it up real bad.

I’m glad I didn’t try any of it………..

SEASON 2 - Episode 10

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